...an Internet-based energy monitoring service that provides you with real-time -- and historical -- energy usage and demand data for your facility. This service can also be used to monitor and control stand-by generators to assure reliability.

Who can benefit?

For minimal cost, any Detroit Edison customer who wants real-time access to their energy usage data will benefit from this service. Primary Supply (Rate D6) customers are the largest group of LOAD|watchSM users. However, any business customer on the Large General Service (D4) or an interruptible rate can also benefit from this service.

Reduce demand charges

  • Receive alerts via text messages when the demand at your facility is near the previous peak. This will enable you to take steps to reduce demand when needed to reduce demand charges
  • View real-time usage from any computer with Internet access or from any Smartphone
  • Obtain historical reports and export the data into Microsoft Excel
  • Sub-metering can be added to provide additional energy data for specific loads
  • Generator monitoring provides immediate notification for alarms and failure of the unit to exercise

How it works

LOAD|watch process flow chart

The Logger sends facility meter data to the LOAD|watch Center every five minutes.  You may access this data via the Web from any PC or Smartphone and can opt to receive high demand notifications via text message.


To enroll, contact your DTE Energy Account Manager or contact the LOAD|watchSM staff directly by e-mail or phone (313.235.5590).


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