Emergency preparedness - what you need to know

The Fermi 2 emergency plans are tested regularly. The Federal government requires a complete test of the plan each year. State, Monroe County and Wayne County personnel participate in testing with Detroit Edison at least every two years. An ongoing training program for all emergency workers further ensures safety.

The siren system has been installed to cover a 10-mile radius around Fermi 2.  This system is tested the last Wednesday of each month at 10 a.m. The sirens are controlled by Monroe County and Wayne County officials, who are responsible for the Emergency Alert System. These sirens are also used to alert residents in the event of tornadoes and other weather emergencies.

A summary of actions to be taken In the unlikely event of a nuclear emergency appear below.  For full details, please see the booklet Emergency Preparedness for Monroe and Wayne Counties which can be downloaded here and is mailed to all residents within the 10-mile radius of the plant.

  • A 3-minute steady siren blast will be used to alert residents of an emergency.
  • Residents will be instructed to tune their radio or television to the Emergency Alert System (EAS). 
  • Official directions and information will be provided.
  • If an evacuation is needed, residents with the 10-mile emergency planning zone will be informed by the EAS.
  • Evacuation routes, as well as the locations of reception and congregate care centers, will be announced.
  • The police will control access to the evacuated areas. Only authorized people will be allowed to enter the evacuated area.


There are four classifications for a nuclear emergency

  • Unusual Event

The least serious of the four classifications. It means there is a minor problem at the plant. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), state and local agencies are notified. Because of strict federal regulations, a number of problems are reported as unusual events even though they pose no danger to the public. 

  • Alert

This is an event which could reduce the plant's level of safety. There would be no danger to the public. Federal, state and local officials are notified. County and state officials and Detroit Edison would activate emergency operations centers at the plant site.

  • Site Area Emergency

A more serious accident has occurred at the plant. Radiation could be released from the plant but at low levels. Federal, state and local officials are notified.

  • General Emergency

The most serious of the four classifications. A large amount of radioactive material is being or could be released from the plant into the environment. Federal, state, local and Detroit Edison officials would take actions to protect the public. EAS stations would broadcast information and instructions.


The Emergency Planning Zone

A ten-mile area around the Fermi Power Plant has been set up as an Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ). It is required by both the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


The areas in Monroe County covered by the EPZ include:                              > View the map

  • Ash Twp.
  • Berlin Twp.
  • Frenchtown Twp.
  • Monroe Township
  • Southeast corner of Exeter Township
  • East portion of Raisinville Township
  • City of Monroe
  • Carleton Village
  • South Rockwood Village
  • Estral Beach Village


In Wayne County, areas in the EPZ include:

  • Gibraltar
  • Flat Rock
  • Rockwood
  • Part of Brownstown Township