This is the high level process that jobs follow. Note that when a job reaches the Design phase, child work orders may be created for tasks such as installation of overhead lines, underground lines or service drops. To serve you more efficiently, each child work order will proceed independently through Construction Authorization and Scheduling and Construction.


New Request Processing Collecting Customer Information Design Construction Authorization Scheduling & Construction


New Request Processing 

New requests start here. During your initial call, you will be provided with an Event Reference Number that you may use to track the status of your request until a work order is created. Once a work order has been created, you will be contacted to let you know what information we need and provided with a Work Order Number that you may use to continue tracking the status of your request.

Customer ResponsibilitiesDTE Energy Responsibilities


  • Provide you with an Event Reference Number over the phone
  • Create a new work order
  • Contact you with a Work Order Number and a list of information you need to provide
  • E-mail you a summary of your work order (for requests submitted online of by fax)


Collecting Customer Information

Once a work order has been created, we will ask you to provide information about your job. This information is required before we can proceed to Design.

Customer ResponsibilitiesDTE Energy Responsibilities

Your regional design center will let you know which of these are applicable to your job:

View the required document checklist (pdf)

  • Record, review and file the information you provide




Once we have information on what your job requires, we will determine the layout, materials and crews that are needed.

Customer ResponsibilitiesDTE Energy Responsibilities
  • Stay in contact with your planner to discuss any issues that may arise
  • Provide additional information as necessary
  • Determine the best path
  • Identify materials needed
  • Identify crews needed
  • Identify additional requirements



Construction Authorization

Each task with a child work order required for your job (such as installation of overhead lines, underground lines or service drops) may require you to send payments, submit forms, or sign contracts before Scheduling and Construction can begin. 

Customer ResponsibilitiesDTE Energy Responsibilities

Your regional design center will let you know which of these are required for your job:

  • Send payments
  • Sign contracts
  • Obtain right of way
  • Arrange inspections
  • Obtain/address line clearance permissions
  • Maintain grade
  • Provide shutdown support
  • Provide necessary forms and contracts
  • Obtain permits
  • Record right of way documents



Scheduling and Construction

Once you have provided the required materials for Construction Authorization, Scheduling and Construction will begin.  Make sure that you keep the areas where our crews will be working clear.

Customer ResponsibilitiesDTE Energy Responsibilities
  • Keep construction paths clear
  • Maintain grade
  • Ensure inspection and permit documentation is visible
  • Provide shutdown support
  • Order materials
  • Assign, schedule and dispatch crews
  • Construction