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To report street lighting trouble in your area, please provide the location information below or search for the location by providing the major cross streets and city.

To report trouble for Outdoor Protective Lighting, please complete the Report by Address section in the Problem Location box below.

To report streetlight outages within the city of Detroit, click here to see if this is one of the zip codes that DTE Energy is now maintaining, or visit the City of Detroit website or the Public Lighting Authority of Detroit website for more information.

For lights on local highways, please visit the Michigan Department of Transportation website for more information.

Please Note: During storms, DTE's priority is to restore power to customers; therefore streetlight outages may take longer to repair. Thank you for your patience.

DTE Energy is always working to improve the reliability of community lighting. Before reporting your streetlight outage, click here to see if your community may be affected by a known temporary street light outage.

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