Working as a Contractor

Working as a Contractor

We’re looking for trained, licensed contractors.

Are you a general contractor? You can help our commercial and industrial customers save energy and money. When you upgrade their infrastructure or install new equipment, you give them the tools they need to improve their operations’ energy efficiency.*

We’ll include you in our Energy Efficiency Directory for widespread exposure to various industries.

*Note: DTE doesn’t endorse any manufacturers, products or installers.

group of DTE employees looking over blueprint inside a building in construction
two DTE electricians working on a new construction

Become a Small and Medium Business Contractor

The DTE Small and Medium Business Program works closely with participating contractors to help them provide superior customer service and energy efficiency upgrades for DTE business customers. Program benefits include:

  • Customer outreach and initial assessment completed by our team of energy advisors
  • Opportunity to grow your business through direct access to qualified leads
  • Access to bonuses and incentives exclusive to the Small and Medium Business Program

To enroll, email us or call (855) 748-2525. You can also complete the online form

Learn more about the Small and Medium Business Program and complete an online form so our program team can contact you to discuss your participation.

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