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Delivering reliable and cost effective natural gas service.

About DTE Energy Supply

DTE Energy Supply was recently awarded the right to supply your natural gas by your utility, Columbia Gas of Ohio (Columbia), through a competitive auction process overseen by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). As a result of this process, our company was selected to supply natural gas to your home or business. You should have received notification from Columbia informing you of this process. Columbia Gas of Ohio remains your utility company and, as always, it will deliver the natural gas to your service location and maintain responsibility for billing and responding to any delivery service issues or emergencies.

The price you will be billed for your natural gas supply is referred to as the Standard Choice Offer (SCO) price. This SCO price is charged to all Columbia customers who have not selected an alternative natural gas supplier through Columbia’s Customer CHOICESM program. Please note that the SCO price you pay in a given month will be the same as the price that every Columbia SCO customer pays during that same month. Therefore, if a friend or neighbor is receiving SCO service but is being served by a different supplier, you will both still pay the same monthly price for your natural gas.

For Business Accounts Only

If your business qualifies for tax-exempt status, and you have not already submitted the proper paperwork to us,  you can submit it as follows:

For more information about the Standard Choice Offer program, please visit the Columbia Gas of Ohio website.

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