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Building the grid of the future 

To continue to provide customers with the reliable power they need and deserve, DTE is building a smarter, stronger, more resilient electric grid. From more fully automating the grid using smart devices to burying overhead wires to strengthening our existing infrastructure, the work will reduce both the number and length of outages, while supporting the growth of our state and the communities we serve.

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We are committed to reducing power outages by 30% while cutting outage time in half by 2029.

Use this map to discover the improvements we’re making across our service area. For any questions you have about the map, please reference our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The map provides information about grid improvement work in DTE’s electric service territory that is in progress or planned over the next two years. The map also shows work that has been completed during the past three years. Customers can also find reliability performance information. 

The blue circles on the map show how many reliability improvement projects are happening within an area. Users can click on the circles to see improvement work or use the search bar to discover work in a specific county, city, zip code or address. Users can then click on the icons to get more detailed information about past, present or planned work in those areas.

The Power Improvements Map shows reliability performance data and information on grid improvement work. The Outage Map provides customers with information on power outages and is used by customers during outage events. Customers can use the outage map to report an outage and stay apprised of restoration updates. 

DTE will update the grid improvement data monthly. Boundaries shown on the map are approximate and may not represent current conditions, all work, or the exact location, nature or extent of work. The map is updated monthly but work is ongoing and can change more frequently. Extreme weather could impact the electric system after upgrades.

DTE will update the reliability performance data annually. The data on power reliability shown above represents the average time customers in a certain zip code spent with and without power in 2023. The time without power in 2023 may have been longer or shorter than the average shown above for some customers. The data is calculated at the end of every calendar year to give customers a holistic view of the average outage information for their area.

As described in our privacy notice, DTE respects and protects your privacy – for this reason, data is aggregated. 

Providing reliability performance data for a full calendar year gives a more comprehensive overview of the average outage information in their area. DTE will update the map with reliability performance data for current year once the data is available.

The electric circuit that services your home or business may stretch for miles from your location. You may not see work happening directly on your street or in your neighbourhood, but work happening elsewhere can impact the equipment that delivers power to your home or business, improving your electric reliability. 

There may be times when our crews need to de-energize equipment so they can safely install new equipment or work on the system. DTE makes every effort to notify customers ahead of time, by automated phone message or email, if a service interruption is planned.

DTE is committed to reducing power outages by 30% while cutting outage time in half by 2029.  When you will see improvements to your reliability specifically will vary depending on the nature of the work being done. Some benefits will be more immediate than others.

No. DTE is committed to reducing power outages by 30% while cutting outage time in half by 2029. The map only shows work planned over the next two years and does not show the exact location, nature or extent of work currently underway.

Additional information can be found in this article on DTE’s Empowering Michigan blog. 

DTE crews are working on the system daily to improve reliability for customers, investing $9 billion through 2029. The map reflects most planned work to improve our system. Work being done to make repairs due to damage (storm damage, vehicles hitting our equipment, animal intrusion, etc.) is not reflected on the map.

While DTE aspires to deliver uninterrupted service, it isn’t possible to engineer a system that is completely immune from outages. Nationally, a system that operates without incident 99.97% of the time is considered “best in class” and that is the goal DTE is targeting.

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