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DTE uses a pre-qualification process to manage its supply base and assess a potential supplier’s ability to perform a service and/or provide materials and equipment. This pre-qualification process includes:

  • Review by Supply Chain to determine the need
  • Legal, Corporate Safety and Risk Management analysis
  • Approval by Supply Chain

Material/equipment suppliers may be exempt from this pre-qualification process, unless we deem a sufficient risk exists and pre-qualification is required.

Potential contractors of labor and services or professional services will be subject to this review.

DTE also has other minimum requirements for suppliers.


  • Five million dollars General Liability;
    • This can vary for projects that have lower risk levels:
      • Medium Risk - $2 Million
      • Low Risk - $1 Million
  • Review and acceptance of applicable DTE Energy Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Insurance Certificate

Risk Management

  • Two years of financials are required to determine risk and liability
  • Items such as an audited balance sheet, income statement and annual report are required

Industrial Safety
We also have minimum industrial safety requirements for suppliers.

  • Experience Modification Rate (EMR) must be a rating of less than one for the last three years
  • OSHA recordable must be two or less
  • Operator Qualification (OQ) for contractors providing Pipeline Construction Service to DTE Gas

All work utilizing building trades performed at DTE Energy Power Plants is governed by the General President’s Project Maintenance Agreement (GPPMA). For additional information please email us.

Bid Opportunities/Materials & Service Needs

For the optimal user experience, please view the Bid Opportunities using a mobile device or the Google Chrome browser on a desktop device.

Contact the appropriate commodities buyer for more information regarding a bid opportunity.


Services NeedsLocationCityStateBuyerBid Open DateBid Close Date
Marketing for Energy Waste ReductionMultipleMultipleMIBrian Smith  
Energy OptimizationMultipleMultipleMIBrian Smith  
Electrical SupportMultipleMultipleMIMichele Verdell  
System Reliability/Construction DTE GasMultipleMultipleMICorey Moore  


Materials NeedsLocationCityStateBuyerBid Open DateBid Close Date

Nuclear Generation

Materials NeedsLocationCityStateBuyerBid Open DateBid Close Date

DTE Vantage

Materials & Services NeedsLocationCityStateBuyerBid Open DateBid Close Date
Water Treatment ChemicalsMultipleMultipleMIRob Ziembiec  
Mechanical/Electrical Contractors for Heavy Industrial WorkMultipleMultipleMIRob Ziembiec  

Direct Pay Permit
Both DTE Electric and DTE Gas are authorized to operate under a direct pay permit for Michigan sales and use taxes.

Under this authorization, these two DTE Energy subsidiaries may claim exemption from Michigan sales and use taxes on allowable personal property and report those tax liabilities directly to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

Purchase orders will include a statement of exemption referencing the Michigan Direct Pay Permit. The purchase order can serve as a valid exemption certificate for that purchase. For your records, you may download the appropriate permit notification:

Evaluated Receipt Settlement Process
The Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) process streamlines the payment cycle for purchases. It reduces paperwork for both of us and leads to more timely communication of data and payments.

What is ERS?
ERS uses firm pricing and receiving information to eliminate invoices -- both paper and electronic.

Suppliers are paid based upon the quantity of goods/services received and our Purchase Order price. No invoices are required.

How does ERS work?

  •  Contact your buyer if interested in becoming an ERS vendor.
  • Our buyer creates a purchase order based on this information.
  • You deliver goods with an itemized bill of lading or packing slip. This information must be accurate and detailed.
  • Your packing slip or bill of lading reference numbers are entered into our system upon receipt. The goods receipt date is the basis for discounting and the payment due date.
  • Do not mail an invoice. We calculate payment automatically when a match occurs between receipt and pricing.
  • For each payment you receive, a remittance advice is generated listing all items included in the payment. This remittance advice will be emailed in PDF format the same day payment is made. Copies will be printed and mailed only on request. View a sample of this remittance advice.

Labor/Services suppliers

  • A Vendor Balance Report can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet weekly. The spreadsheet shows your pending invoices by purchase order and service entry number. Request this report from your contract administrator.

Material suppliers

  • If materials are returned, a credit is automatically put on the account and deducted from the next scheduled payment. You do not need to forward a credit memo.
  • Supplementary charges not defined in the contract/purchase order (e.g., dry ice, hazard, freight, handling, etc.) must be communicated to the buyer or contract administrator, who will initiate a spot purchase order to be paid outside the normal process according to the terms of payment.

Freight and Transportation

Our freight management services are provided by Ardmore Power Logistics.

Important: Each shipment request must include a valid PO number, internal order number and company code. If you do not have that information, please contact your buyer.

Suppliers may be responsible for payment of any excess transportation costs and/or administrative fees for shipments billed to DTE Energy that do not comply with our recommended freight logistics.

For more information on freight and transportation, contact Ardmore Power Logistics at 866.570.0383 or

Payment Options
There are three supplier payment options:

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

DTE accepts EFT transactions in two ways:

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) - This is a bank-to-bank transaction between DTE Energy's bank and your financial institution. This settlement process can take up to two business days. ACH is our preferred method of reimbursement.
  • Wire Transfer - This is a bank-to-bank transaction between DTE Energy’s bank and your financial institution. This settlement process is one business day and the funds are guaranteed.

When settling EFT transactions, both parties agree to be bound by the Operating Rules of the National Clearing House Association (NACHA).

To sign-up for EFT payments, download and complete the Electronic Transfer Authorization form (PDF)*. Mail it to the address that appears at the bottom of the form.

Credit Card

We use a corporate credit card for point-of-service purchases. This is our preferred method of payment for low-dollar, high-volume transactions.

Paper Checks

We also process paper checks and mail these payments to our suppliers per the contract or purchase order terms and conditions.

Submitting Invoices

To ensure timely processing of invoices, please provide the following required information, including the appropriate mailing address:

  • Supplier Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Total Dollar Amount Due
  • Remit to address or EFT instructions
  • Line item detail of purchase
  • Ship to/Bill to address
  • Contact person at DTE Energy

Mailing Addresses
For non-ERS suppliers only invoicing:

DTE Energy
Accounts Payable - 878 WCB
P.O. Box 441040
Detroit, MI 48244-0440

Safety Handbook

At DTE Energy, safety is a core value. We are committed to...

  • Protecting the safety of our customers, the public and our workers
  • Working collaboratively to continuously improve safety processes
  • Promoting safety as a high priority to others on and off the job

We expect each worker to take personal responsibility for their safety, to follow all safety rules and procedures and to be mindful of the safety of others.

Our Contractors and Contractor Employees or Agent Safety Handbook outlines safety rules and procedures that will help you and your employees achieve good safety performance.

Contact your buyer to obtain additional copies to share with your employees.

Important changes to DTE’s COVID protocols

Effective March 1, 2022, DTE’s COVID protocols have changed. This document provides more information.

Environmental Management Handbooks

The purpose of our Environmental Management System is to minimize our impact on the environment. We can accomplish our goals with the cooperative effort of our employees, contractors and suppliers.

It is critical that our contractors and suppliers understand the importance of your work and how it relates to the environment. The following handbooks will help you understand and conform to the ISO 14001 standard.

Contact your buyer to obtain copies to share with your employees.

Code of Conduct

We at DTE Energy value the business relationships we have with all of our vendors, contractors, and consultants (collectively, our “suppliers”) and, therefore, view them as strategic business partners in our company’s success. Learn more by reading our Code of Conduct.

Sample Supplier Documents

Samples of typical purchasing documents may be viewed in pdf format by following the links below:

Current versions of our Standard Terms & Conditions appear below. Please check your purchasing documents to identify the terms and conditions which apply to your specific contract. Questions should be directed to your buyer.

DocumentApplicable Subsidiaries
Consulting Services*DTE Electric Company
DTE Gas Company
Citizens Gas Fuel
DTE Energy Trading
Services*DTE Electric Company
DTE Gas Company
Citizens Gas Fuel
DTE Energy Trading
Material*DTE Electric Company
DTE Gas Company
Citizens Gas Fuel
DTE Energy Trading
Energy Waste Reduction*DTE Electric Company
DTE Gas Company
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA - Short Form*DTE Energy Trading
DTE Energy Resources
Midwest Energy Resources Co.
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA*DTE Energy Trading
DTE Energy Resources
Midwest Energy Resources Co.
Purchase Order*DTE Energy Resources
DTE Biomass Energy
DTE Energy Services
Service Order*DTE Energy Resources
DTE Biomass Energy
DTE Energy Services
EES COKE Battery - Service Order*EES COKE Battery
DTE Energy Center - Purchase Order*DTE Energy Center (and related)
DTE Energy Center - Service Order*DTE Energy Center (and related)
Consulting Services*Midwest Energy
Resources Co.
Material*Midwest Energy
Resources Co.
Services*Midwest Energy
Resources Co.
Supplier Safety Standards*DTE Electric Company
DTE Gas Company
Citizens Gas Fuel
DTE Energy Trading

W9 Forms

For your records, you may download the appropriate W9 form:


Maximo is a software program that supports processes related to planning, scheduling and executing work. Some suppliers may access this program to report labor hours and material data.