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Manage your energy costs using personalized data from your bill

Save Money by Taking Control of Your Energy Usage

The more you know about how much energy you use, the more you can benefit. Our family of tools makes it easy to learn how you use energy so you can make the right decisions for your household's budget.

Our tools can help you:

  • Analyze your energy usage by the hour
  • Determine if a different DTE electric rate option is better for your lifestyle
  • Project your energy bill based on changes you make to your energy use habits
  • See which appliances use the most energy in your home
  • Learn how new appliances, light bulbs and heating habits can reduce your bill
  • Estimate the cost of charging an electric vehicle

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Use the Bill Analyzer Tool to get a complete picture of how energy usage impacts your bill and find ways to use less and save money.

DTE bill management tools


Use the Bill Simulator to see how changes you make to your home and energy habits could impact your next bill.

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Visualize your home's energy usage data over one month or one year to see when and how you use the most energy.

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DTE Insight App

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