Reporting Contractor Injuries

To support the health and safety of all employees at DTE, we have begun to require all contractors (including sub-contractors) to report workplace injuries incurred while working at a DTE location or on a DTE project.

All workplace injuries are documented and thoroughly reviewed for potential preventive measures. The reporting of injuries directly to DTE is supplemental to any regulatory required reporting to Federal or State OSHA offices. All reporting is the responsibility of contractors.

Reporting requirements include:

  • Contractors must verbally notify their DTE representative or designated safety person whenever contractor personnel reports a work-related injury or illness.​
  • Injuries/illnesses resulting in medical treatment will be reported to DTE Energy Legal Investigations at:
  • Within 24 hours of a work-related injury/illness contractors are required to complete the Contractor Notification of Accident Report. Please find and complete the report by selecting Submit Injury below.
  • Within 72 hours, a written report completed by the contractor must be submitted to their DTE representative or designated safety person outlining:
    • Description of the incident that resulted in the injury/illness and an investigation report outlining causal analysis and corrective actions.