About the DTE Insight App

Connect your smart home for more control of your energy bill.

Manage your home energy use with the Insight App and Energy Bridge.

The DTE Insight App is the only FREE app that provides you with the information you need to monitor your home energy use. The Insight App has easy-to-use features that help you understand, manage, control and transform your home energy use and reduce your monthly bill.

Pair the DTE Insight App with the DTE Energy Bridge for more real-time energy use information and control.

The Energy Bridge serves as a hub for your smart home. By connecting compatible smart home devices - light bulbs, plugs, sensors, thermostats and others – with the Energy Bridge, you can view your energy use in real-time and make on-the-spot decisions, all through your app. You decide when you want to conserve and save.

Insight App

The DTE Insight app has easy-to-use features to create your smart home that fits your needs and lifestyle. Visit the DTE Insight App page for more information, including Frequently Asked Questions.

Energy Bridge

The Energy Bridge is equipped for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with built-in technology for home automation and updates. Control and manage your home from a smartphone or tablet, whether you’re home or away.

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