TreeGuard Assurance

Protection You Can Count On

Wind and weather can cause damage to trees and could affect your power. Let us handle the mess and save time cleaning up.

TreeGuard Assurance is an elective program covering tree-related outages impacting the service line. For a low monthly fee of $9.99 a month, you are protected against costly tree clean up and trimming expenses if a tree or branch falls on the service line — the line between the electric pole and your home.

When a TreeGuard customer experiences an outage, they contact us to file a claim and we’ll send a certified tree trimming crew out to:

  • Safely cut and remove any fallen tree debris around the service line
  • Help prevent future outages by trimming back tree interference within a five-foot radius of the service line
  • Repair any damage to the equipment surrounding your meter associated with the outage

Customers who live in homes with an overhead service line are responsible for maintaining the equipment attached to their homes. Trees, and tree trimming, are also the customer’s responsibility to manage. We take care of the service line and the meter at your home. Find out what belongs to you and what belongs to us.

TreeGuard Assurance is in addition to DTE’s ongoing Tree Trimming Program. Our trimming methods help prevent tree-related outages while promoting healthy trees and safe, reliable power.

Save Time & Money

Find out how our TreeGuard crews help customers remove tree debris and trim trees to prevent future damage.


  • Great value
    Only costs $9.99 per month.
  • Convenient
    If you experience an outage, file a claim and we'll do the rest.
  • Peace of mind
    Certified crews will safely cut and remove all fallen debris.
  • Reliability
    Following clean up, trimming back future potential tree interference.

Contact Us

Have you experienced an outage? File a claim so we can send a certified tree trimming crew to your house.