Switching to Natural Gas

Natural gas is safe, reliable and more environmentally friendly than other fuels because it burns cleaner and with lower carbon emissions. It’s also more cost effective than propane and, on average, natural gas is half to one-third the cost of other heating sources.

Switching to natural gas is easy, and we’re here to help. Begin by sending us a message to find out if DTE provides service at your property. We’ll reply within two business days.

You can also download an application for natural gas installation. Please fill it out and mail it to one of the locations below. Builders and contractors also need to complete and submit the application for a new or existing home.

Southeast Michigan
(Oakland, Wayne, Livingston, Washtenaw & Monroe Counties)
DTE Energy New Services
17150 Allen Rd.
Melvindale, MI 48122-1083
(800) 338-0178

All Other DTE Service Areas
DTE Energy New Markets
2689 Walkent Dr. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544-1499
(800) 533-6220

If you have questions about the natural gas conversion process, payments or need help at any step along the way, please contact us.

Review the six step installation process and learn more about installation costs below.

You can also:

Please note that our construction season cut-off is September 15. In order to make sure we are able to process your application and meet the construction season cut-off, please provide the documents needed as soon as possible.  This cut-off deadline date applies to any service address outside of our Grand Rapids and Muskegon service station territories.  If the necessary documents are not provided in time for us to complete the processing of your request, it may not be possible to complete your service installation until spring of 2024. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the emails above.

Guide to Natural Gas Installation

  1. Find a Contractor
    Your plumbing and some of your appliances will need to be converted or replaced to use natural gas. Many variables can impact the total cost, such as the amount of additional piping needed to connect all your appliances to the natural gas line.

    We recommend contacting at least two licensed heating or plumbing contractors for estimates.

  2. Apply for Service
    Now that you have estimates from contractors about appliance conversion costs, it’s time to apply for service. Complete your application for natural gas service. Ensure all information and fields are complete to avoid delays. The application has step by step instructions, and you can also watch this video on the application process.

    Our reply to your application will note whether you are required to pay any project costs.

  3. Have a Service Line Installed
    Installation usually takes four to six weeks, weather permitting. Here’s what to expect:
    • MISS Dig will place flags on the property to mark underground utility lines.
    • DTE will hang a meter bracket
    • DTE will dig two holes and run the service line from the street to connect your home/business
    • We will repair any affected sidewalks, lawns and driveways
  4. Schedule Your Home Conversion
    When your service line has been installed, schedule an appointment with your heating or plumbing contractor to convert your home. Keep an eye on the level of your current fuel source. You’ll want to use it up before conversion day.

  5. Schedule Your Meter Installation
    When you have your appointment with your contractor, contact us to schedule your meter installation for the same day. Contact DTE one to two weeks in advance to request a meter installation. For Southeast Michigan, please call (800) 338-0178 or email newcustse@dteenergy.com. For all other DTE service areas, call (800) 533-6220 or email dtegasconstructionteam@dteenergy.com.

  6. Set Up Payment (if applicable)
    During the application process for natural gas service, you were informed about whether or not you would be responsible for a portion of construction costs. You can pay in one lump sum or in monthly installments with interest. If you’d like to pay your costs in full up front, contact us. For Southeast Michigan, please call (800) 338-0178 or email newcustse@dteenergy.com. For all other DTE service areas, call (800) 533-6220 or email dtegasconstructionteam@dteenergy.com. Some service line fees may need to be paid up front in full before installation.

When we extend our gas lines, we calculate both the construction expenses and the revenue that will be generated from the project. If the expenses exceed the anticipated revenue, you are asked to pay a portion of the construction costs. This ensures that your installation costs won’t be passed along to all other customers in the form of a rate increase.

Once you become a DTE Energy customer, you can be confident that conversion costs from other consumers making the switch to natural gas will not affect your gas rate!

Costs for which you are responsible will be detailed in a letter mailed to you. You have the option of paying these costs in one lump sum or in monthly installments. You will be asked to select one of these payment options when you receive your first gas bill, or six months after your service line is installed, whichever occurs first.

If your project requires additional costs as outlined in your application for service, you can pay a one-time fee to avoid monthly interest charges. For inquiries call (800) 533-6220 or email dtegasconstructionteam@dteenergy.com.

Cost Savings Calculator

Save an average of $1,700 annually with natural gas.*

*Based on an average of 100 MCF of natural gas used per year compared to an average of 1,125 gallons of propane per year at $2.48 per gallon (average winter pricing of natural gas vs propane, 2022-2023).


Switching from Propane

You’ll save money and get additional benefits by making the switch from propane to natural gas. See how.