Wind Energy

See how DTE is using the power of the wind to generate energy

DTE’s wind parks are doing more than generating clean energy; they’re also strengthening Michigan’s economy. Rural communities that host wind energy projects benefit from the added tax revenue these projects generate, and farmers who host turbines and other infrastructure on their property appreciate the extra income this provides. Our wind parks also provide local employment opportunities before, during and after a park is built.

Get a birds-eye view from on top of the tower by clicking the image to watch the video.

See the inside of a wind turbine with one of our technicians by watching this video.

Meridian Wind: Building our newest wind park

DTE began construction of its newest wind park, Meridian Wind, in April 2021. Follow the park’s progress and read construction updates on our Empowering Michigan blog.

Meridian Wind is located in mid-Michigan's Midland and Saginaw counties. When operational, the 225 megawatt wind park will have 77 wind turbines and generate enough clean energy to power more than 78,000 homes. During construction, the park will support more than 350 jobs.

Meridian Wind: Building our newest wind park

2021 Wind Parks

DTE brought three new wind parks online in 2021, bringing our total number of operational wind parks to 18. You can read more about the Isabella and Fairbanks wind parks here.

Isabella I and Isabella ll are located in mid-Michigan's Isabella County. Isabella l has 71 turbines and can generate 200 megawatts of clean energy, enough to power more than 63,400 homes. Isabella ll has 65 turbines generating 183 megawatts of clean energy, enough to power more than 58,000 homes.​

Fairbanks Wind is located in the Upper Peninsula's Delta County. The 72 megawatt project has 21 turbines and generates enough clean energy to power nearly 32,000 homes.

DTE Energy's Pinnebog Wind Farm