Energy Fraud & Scams

Utility Fraud

Protect Yourself and Your Family From Becoming a Victim

We strive to help you have a dependable, trouble-free experience. Unfortunately, both residential and business customers are targeted every day by scam artists. Michigan law helps protect you by making it a felony to impersonate energy employees.

If you suspect you are the target of an energy scam, contact us immediately at (800) 477-4747 or sign in to your account to confirm any online activity. Do not hand out any money or provide credit card information. Anyone suspecting foul play should contact local police immediately.

Spot the Scam

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Scam artists are using more digital tools to commit fraud and identity theft. Scammers use email, search engine listings, text messages and social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to contact you. Some scammers are even placing sponsored ads in search engine listings when customers are searching for DTE’s website or looking to start service with DTE.

  • Never give out personal information, including Social Security numbers, bank account or credit card numbers online or to someone you do not know.
  • Never give out your account information.
  • Never click on a link or scan a barcode or QR code from a contact or website you are unsure of.


Phone Calls

Scammers often use caller ID spoofing to make a call appear to originate from DTE.

  • Always ask for identification by asking the person to provide your account number or amount of your latest bill. This is information only you and DTE know.
  • If you suspect the call may be fraudulent, hang up and call us toll-free at (800) 477-4747. Ask to be connected to a customer service representative who can confirm the status of your account and make appropriate arrangements for payment, if needed.
  • If the caller demands an immediate payment, they are an imposter. If the caller demands you obtain a prepaid debit card, they are an imposter. Hang up and report the incident to local police or DTE immediately. 

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At Your Door

We often hear heartbreaking stories of scammers gaining entry into customers’ homes by pretending to be DTE employees. Scammers often target vulnerable homeowners such as senior citizens, new homeowners or individuals who live by themselves.

It is very rare a DTE employee will need to enter your home, but it does happen. Know we will use every opportunity to make you aware of any work needing to be done at your home or will contact you in advance to schedule time for the work to be completed.

Ask for Identification

  • All DTE Electric and DTE Gas employees and contractors carry photo identification badges and are required to display their badge if asked. We encourage you to ask for identification.
  • If you are unsure about an employee’s identification or want to verify the nature of the work to be done at your home, call us at (800) 477-4747.

Do not allow people into your home who claim to offer a DTE Electric or DTE Gas refund. Our employees never deliver cash refunds or rebates to customers’ homes. We do not collect or accept bill payments at customers’ homes or businesses.

Also, do not pay for tree-trimming work by individuals claiming to be from DTE Electric or a DTE Gas contractor. We do not charge for line clearance work.

Be Aware

We do not:

  • Endorse or require a prepaid debit card for payment.
  • Require a specific form of payment. In fact, most customers can pay through a variety of options including credit cards, debit cards, bank/ACH transfers and more. 
  • Impose unrealistic deadlines for payment or threaten to disconnect power within a period of hours. We will always try to work with you to keep your service on. 
  • Collect payment at customers' homes or businesses.
  • Ask for Social Security numbers, bank account or credit card information.