Green Bonds

To date, DTE Electric has completed the issuance of approximately $2.2 billion of green bonds.

DTE Energy is Michigan’s largest investor in, and producer of, renewable energy. In 2017, DTE Energy was the first energy company in Michigan, and among the first group of utilities, to commit to an 80% carbon reduction goal for its electric business. In 2019, DTE Energy announced its intention to reduce the carbon emissions of its electric utility operations by 32% by 2023, 50% by 2030, and 80% by 2040 from 2005 carbon emissions levels, with the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions in its electric business by 2050. To achieve the reduction goals in the near term, DTE Energy plans to transition away from coal-powered sources and incorporate more renewable energy, energy waste reduction projects, demand response, and natural gas fueled generation while maintaining affordability and reliability for customers.

By 2023, DTE plans to increase its renewable energy generation capacity from 1,326 megawatts to approximately 2,700 megawatts, a move that will drive an additional investment of more than $2 billion and produce enough clean energy to power approximately 900,000 homes.

The links below provide additional detail for each issuance.

May 2018 Issuance
May 2019 Issuance
March 2021 Issuance
February 2022 Issuance

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