Electric Service

Electric Service

Power and Convenience Always at Your Fingertips

Through DTE Energy’s electric infrastructure, you’re connected to an affordable, safe and increasingly cleaner power supply that’s always ready at the flick of a switch.

Electricity enables us to live more comfortably, securely and efficiently than ever before through smart phones, electric vehicles, smart homes and smart grid technology.

To see more work DTE is doing in your community to improve reliability use the Power Improvements Map.

Electricity Benefits

DTE Energy Electricity Benefits

Lighting accounts for about 20% of a typical electric bill. ENERGY STAR® LED light bulbs use up to 90% less energy and last 15 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. Plus, switching to LED bulbs can save about $55 in electricity costs over the lifetime of a bulb.


Electricity is there when you need it. We build and maintain the generation facilities and distribution system to get electricity to you at the speed of light, the blink of a computer screen, the whir of a hair dryer, the… well, you know… everything to power your life.


Optimize your electric consumption by installing timers and setback thermostats that control lighting, heating and cooling automatically and in sync with your schedule. During the summer, for every degree above 72 you set your thermostat, you could reduce your cooling bill by 3 percent. You can also save more with DTE Rate Programs that offer special discounts for off-peak electric use.


We are committed to reducing power outages by 30% while cutting outage time in half by 2029. To help do this, DTE is continuing its work to build the grid of the future. From fully automating our grid using smart devices, to strategically burying overhead wires, to strengthening our existing infrastructure, the work will reduce both the number and length of outages, while supporting the growth of our state. See work happening in your community using our Power Improvements Map.

Environmentally Friendly

DTE has 50 plus wind and solar parks in our renewable energy portfolio, generating enough clean energy to power nearly 700,000 homes. By 2025, we will invest an additional $2.8 billion in renewable energy infrastructure and double our generation from these clean energy resources. Currently, 15% of the energy we provide to our customers comes from renewable resources. You can attribute a greater percentage of your electricity use to renewable energy and help accelerate the development of Michigan-made wind and solar parks by enrolling in our MIGreenPower program.

You can also reduce your impact by reducing your energy use through energy efficiency products and behavioral changes.


In addition to being good for the world we live in, replacing an energy-inefficient appliance with new energy-wise product can also save you money each month. Additionally, DTE Energy can recycle your outdated appliances for you. Not only will we pick up your old refrigerator or freezer and reprocess 95 percent of the components, we will also mail you a check for $50 each. We’ll also pay $20 for an old working room air conditioner or dehumidifier picked up at the same time. Visit our Save Energy section to learn more about the ways you can conserve resources while saving money.