Damages & Reliability Credits

DTE Energy is ready to help you with your electrical power problems and damage claims. For more information on how to maintain your affordable and reliable electricity, visit our Voltage Concerns page.

Electric Reliability Credit Request

DTE Energy provides customers with a bill credit for extended outages. For customers who experienced an outage prior to Oct. 1, 2023, the credit is $35. For customer who experienced an outage since Oct. 1, 2023, the credit is $38.

DTE provides these credits if our investigation determines you have experienced the following:

Extended outage:

  • A power outage* of more than 16 hours due to an event that results in an interruption affecting 1% or less of DTE's electric customers.
  • A power outage* of more than 48 hours due to an event that results in an interruption affecting greater than 1% but less than 10% of DTE’s electric customers.
  • A power outage* of more than 96 hours under catastrophic conditions. Catastrophic conditions are defined as an event that results in an official state of emergency or an event that results in an interruption of 10% or more of DTE’s electric customers.

Once your outage qualifies, you will receive an additional credit amount for every 24 hours the outage continues.

*A power outage consists of full or partial loss of service for longer than five minutes.

Frequent Outage:

  • Six power outages* during a 12-month period. Once a credit has been applied, the count of outages resets to zero.

*A power outage consists of full or partial loss of service for longer than five minutes.

Your bill credit eligibility status will be determined automatically, and you will not need to submit a request.

If eligible, a credit will be posted to your account within 1-2 billing cycles or up to 90 days following your outage. For paper bills, refer to the first page of the bill under the "Summary of Charges" section, or for electronic bills refer to the "Bill Summary" section.

For more info, view the MPSC Power Outage Credit guide here.

Property Loss or Damage

DTE is committed to providing exceptional service to our customer and treating your home or business like our own. There are times, however, when damages occur. 

We understand how difficult these situations can be, but DTE is not responsible for the following and your claim will not be approved by DTE for any of the below circumstances:

  • You are not the customer of record or the owner of the damaged property.
  • Damages or losses resulting from storms or weather-related conditions.
    • Loss or damages including hotel/lodging, food loss, damaged appliances due to voltage surges, loss of wages/revenue or tree trim debris removal expenses.
  • Damages or losses due to equipment failure beyond our reasonable control.
  • Damages or losses caused by a third party or animal interference.

We recommend that you contact your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company to determine if these losses are covered under your policy.

How to file a damage claim

If you believe DTE caused damage to your property, please complete and submit the enclosed damage claim form. DTE will consider each claim that is submitted. 

You will need to provide documentation such as invoices, receipts and photos to support your damage claim.

An acknowledgment letter will be sent upon receipt of your damage claim submission. 

We will conduct an investigation and a decision will be rendered within 30 days if your claim was submitted online. Each claim is investigated and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

If DTE determines that we are not legally responsible for your damages, your claim will be denied. Submittal of a claim is not a guarantee of payment.  For further information, see our frequently asked questions document.

Preventative Maintenance

Proper grounding is a fundamental component of safety and protection for your home’s electrical system. For this reason, one or more ground rods are required on your property by the National Electrical Code (NEC) and local building codes. Ground rods are simple and inexpensive but are crucial to protecting your electric equipment and appliances, and therefore must not be neglected.

Unfortunately, we have no control over how well your electrical panel is grounded. If you do not provide proper grounding in accordance with the NEC, there is no way to mitigate electrical damage that may occur beyond your electrical panel. If you have concerns about your business or home grounding, contact a licensed electrical contractor. For more information, click here.

Also, power surges can occur year-round due to various factors, so please consider installing surge protection devices (SPDs) as an easy and cost-effective way to protect your electronic devices. 

Meter Equipment Responsibilities

Service Drop details

DTE Energy Responsibility:
Installation and maintenance of...

(1) Service Drop
(7) Electric Meter


Customer Responsibility:
Installation and maintenance of...

(2) Tree Maintenance Along Service Drop 
(3) Weather Head
(4) Service Bracket or Hook
(5) Service Riser
(6) Meter Can
(8) Service Entrance Cable

Please contact a licensed electrician to complete any repairs that are your responsibility.