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About Buyer Groups

The commodities and services we purchase are divided into groups.

  • Materials (commodities needed by teams across DTE)
  • Services (services needed by teams across DTE)
  • Nuclear Generation (commodities and services for our nuclear-fueled power plant)
  • DTE Vantage (commodities and services for our non-utlility businesses)

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Lori Wallace, Senior Manager - Services
Dan Murray, Senior Manager
DJ Wagner, Manager
Jamie Evans, Manager
*Diversity Champions for this team

ServicesPurchasing Professional
Benefits, ConsultingMatthew Brunette
Category Manager
Customer Service, Consulting*Carlene Dulin
Senior Buyer
Electric DistributionJonathan Pierce
Senior Buyer
Energy Supply*Corey Moore
Senior Buyer
Energy Waste ReductionBrian Smith
Procurement Project Manager
Facilities ConstructionAlly McLaughlin
Associate Buyer
Gas DistributionTenisha Beard
Category Manager
Information TechnologyMaurice Thompson
Category Manager
RenewablesErin Overholt
Strategy & Project Specialist
Staff Augmentation*Katrina Ramsey
Category Manager

Robert Jamieson - Senior Manager - Materials (313) 235-6817
Scott Darga, Manager, (313) 235-5787
Lana Zajac, Manager, (313) 235-9160

ServicesPurchasing Professional
Gas Contracts & Strategy
Power Plant Transformers
Substation Power Transformers, including Renewables
Transmission & Storage (TSO)
Archana Lazenby
Category Manager, diversity champion
(DTE Gas & Electric)
Gas & Electric (CK/Wesco)
Material Handling Equipment
Overhead Cranes/Hoist
Overhead Wire
Underground Cable, including Renewables
Supply Chain, Material Transport, and W-100
Brad O'Connor
Category Manager
(DTE Electric & Fleet)
(313) 235-3592
Blue Water Energy Center
Distribution Transformers, Oil Filled Equipment (Regulators, Capacitors, Switchgear)
Electric Meters & Modules
Line Hardware
Poles - Wood, Steel, Composite
Viper Program
Jeff Conrad
Senior Buyer
(DTE Energy Supply)
(313) 235-7432
Bulk Chemicals/Gases/Limestone
Investment Recovery (GGW)
Lubes & Fuels
Maintenance, Repair, Operations (MRO)
Refurbishment of Engineered Material
Safety Equipment & Supplies
Turbines & Boiler
Mytao Covington
Senior Buyer
(DTE Gas)
(313) 235-7351
Community Lighting
Conveyor Belting, Fans, Pumps
Equipment Rentals
Gas Meters & Modules
Metro Wire Substation Kitting
Office Trailers
Pipes, Valves, Fittings (Energy Supply/Energy Gas)
Bianca Blanks
(DTE Gas & Electric)
(248) 345-4981
Gas Pipe Greater Michigan MRO
Greater Michigan MRO
Miscellaneous Gas
Kamal Dhillon
(DTE Gas)

John Kret - Supply Chain Manager (734) 214-5121

Business LinesPurchasing Professional
Biomass EnergyMarcia E Dale
(440) 944-1458
On-Site EnergyMarcia E Dale
(440) 944-1458
Mary M Johnson
(734) 302-8932
Pet Coke
Ginny Denton
(734) 302-5390
Wood Plants
Carbon Capture
Robert Ziembiec
Diversity Champion
(734) 302-4847

Steve Banek - Sr. Supply Chain Manager (734) 957-6172
Mike Moloney - Supply Chain Manager (313) 235-7136
James Donovan - Procurement Supervisor (313) 586-4985

CategoryPurchasing Professional
Contract Labor & ServicesDavid Molnar
David Silva
(313) 414-6206
Fasteners, Hardware
Pipes & Fittings
Kyle Koos
Fuels, Chemicals, Gases
Gaskets, O-rings, Seals
Measurement devices, evaluation, analysis
Office Supplies
Safety Supplies
Renee Shurtz
(734) 586-4049
Turbine Parts
Martin Extejt
(734) 586-5630
Power Generation
Wire & Cable
Circuit Boards
Critical Digital Assets
Security Equipment
Matthew Faremouth
(734) 586-4091

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