I Can Help

I Can Help

Customer satisfaction is important, and you can help

Every employee has a role to play regarding customer satisfaction. Our "I Can Help!" program is a simple way for all of us to make a difference. This program assists customers whose concerns with our company have not been resolved through our Customer Service department.

As a DTE retiree, we want to ensure we are utilizing our services keys while interacting with a customer.

Safe: Practice all safety and well-being policies and procedures.
Caring: Greet, welcome, and thank others while being approachable with positive intent.
Dependable: Listen, repeat, respond and resolve while taking ownership of tasks, and following through in a timely matter.
Efficient: Resolve issues at the point of activity and eliminate waste and walk-arounds. 

When customers come to you with unresolved DTE Energy concerns:

  1. Own the problem.
  2. Collect necessary customer information: customer name - address, contact phone number, and a brief description of the problem - then submit the "I Can Help!" Form.

A member of the "I Can Help!" team will respond to the customer within two business days, plus provide you with an update.

Referrals to the program will not negatively impact any operational metrics.

Thank you for caring for our DTE customers.