Producing Power from Sunlight

We’re adding even more solar energy to the grid, the least expensive way to provide all Michiganders with access to solar power. Our new solar parks will include the latest panel technology so we can take full advantage of the sun’s rays, even on cloudy days.

In addition, as part of our environmental stewardship practices, many of our solar parks incorporate pollinator gardens. Land under and between solar arrays is providing new habitats for bees, bats, butterflies and other pollinators vital to protect biodiversity and our food supply.

See how solar panels generate electric energy.

Lapeer Solar Park

When it began operating in May 2017, DTE’s Lapeer Solar Park was the largest solar park in Michigan and one of the largest east of the Mississippi River. The park contains 200,000 solar panels, covers 250 acres and generates enough clean energy to power 11,000 homes.

Take a video tour of Lapeer Solar Park.

Understanding Your Solar Options

Understanding your solar options

MIGreenPower Program

For customers who want to do more to protect the environment, DTE’s MIGreenPower program enables you to attribute a percentage of your energy use to our wind and solar projects. Enrolling accelerates the development of clean energy in Michigan and a cleaner environment for all Michiganders. Learn more about MIGreenPower or email us at

Roof Solar Panels

Rooftop Solar and Private Generation

DTE is committed to transitioning Michigan to a clean energy future, and we welcome everyone to join us on the journey. If you are considering installing rooftop solar, we are here to help.