Gas Laboratory Services

Gas Laboratory Service

Verify natural gas quality with confidence.

We offer an array of analytics and sampling services needed by companies and government agencies for assessing natural gas quality.

DTE Energy Gas Laboratory Services is your trusted source for natural gas analytics. Utilizing gas chromatography with both flame ionization and thermal conductivity detectors, we offer reliable analysis of natural gas. We can also help you eliminate the guesswork in identifying the source of field combustible reads by utilizing our atmospheric testing services. In addition, we can analyze private well water samples to determine the presence of natural gas for storage field integrity programs.

Gas Laboratory Services is committed to providing the highest quality of natural gas analytical services and is compliant with leading industry standards such as GPA, API, and ASTM. Our field technicians are trained to properly collect natural gas samples and can perform on-site analysis for mercaptan, water and hydrogen sulfide content.

Our Gas Laboratory Services is the only natural gas sampling and analytical laboratory in the United States to earn The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) ISO 17025 accreditation. Certificate No.: 2811.01.

Analytical Services
Our team can perform a number of critical analytical services, including natural gas analysis, combustible source identification, atmospheric testing and storage field integrity analysis.

Calculations, Equations of State
DTE Energy Gas Laboratory technicians offer proven experience and can provide a wide range of chemical analysis, including hydrocarbon dew point, liquid yield and interchangeability.

Field Testing
The world is our laboratory. Our team can provide highly accurate on-site sampling of natural gas, hydrogen sulfide content, moisture and mercaptan content.

Gas Laboratory Benefits


It’s data you can depend on. Our sampling and analytical services are held to world-class standards through rigorous independent third-party audits.

Due Diligence

Utilizing our accredited services demonstrates your research and analysis efforts in the case of legal or regulatory action.

Improved Service Quality

Invalid test results from a poorly maintained quality assurance program can have costly consequences. Our Gas Laboratory Services ensure analytical competence while maintaining inter- and intra-company quality assurance programs.