Real Estate Energy Consultant Training

Register for our one-hour training today!

Help your clients save money in their new homes by learning more about our energy efficiency tips and techniques.

We provide this benefit to you with specialized training within our Real Estate Energy Consultant Network. We teach you how homes can become more energy efficient and how your clients can increase their use of renewable energy.

What You Get With Training

  • Brand distinction as a trusted energy efficiency resource for your clients
  • Support to help homebuyers understand how their new home uses energy and how they can lower their monthly energy bills
  • Free marketing and promotional materials to demonstrate your commitment to helping home buyers save money
  • The opportunity to become a force for change as you help protect Michigan’s natural resources through increased energy efficiency

How to Get Started

  • Fill out your information and submit the registration form.
  • Complete a one-hour guided walk-through to learn more about our energy-saving programs and how to help your customers save money.
  • Gain access to the Real Estate Energy Consultant Marketing Toolkit.

Give your clients the tools they need to make their new house a home. As a trusted resource for your clients, you will elevate your brand above your competitors and continue to provide an excellent client experience. Contact us today!

For questions about DTE programs, please contact Andrea Campau via email at

For questions about our Real Estate Energy Consultant Training, please contact Annalisa Wilder via email at