Benefits of Natural Gas


What's So Great About Natural Gas

Comfort and Performance

Natural gas furnaces typically last longer, have lower maintenance costs and heat air about 25-degrees warmer than electric heat pump systems, so you and your family get warmer faster. 

Hot Water
Natural gas water heaters are up to twice as fast at heating your water as electric water heaters.

Natural gas clothes dryers are more gentle on your clothes while at the same time drying your clothes faster and more efficiently, meaning you spend less time on laundry.

Natural gas stoves and ovens are preferred by professional chefs and people who enjoy cooking at home. They heat up quicker, give you more control over your cooking, are extremely reliable and less expensive to operate. And natural gas ranges last about six-years longer than electric stoves on average.

Helping the Environment


Reduced Emissions
Natural gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels, so expanding its use for heating homes and water has the potential to lower carbon emissions by millions of metric tons nationally.  

Natural gas furnaces emit 65% less CO2 than electric heat pumps.

Gas stoves produce up to 3.4 times less CO2 when compared to electric stoves.

Natural gas dryers use less energy, cost less, and emit less carbon dioxide per pound of water removed than most other options.

Hot Water
Natural gas water heaters can reduce carbon emissions by 57% and nitrous oxide emissions by 77% over electric water heaters. 

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A Safe, Abundant Resource


Abundant and Affordable
DTE Energy delivers natural gas to your home by purchasing and string natural gas when prices are low, which keeps costs stable through the year. As a result of our efforts, over the last 10 years, residential customers’ total natural gas bills have dropped nearly 30 percent.

Extremely Safe
Every day, DTE Energy demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of this vital energy resource to homes and businesses all across Michigan by maintaining and upgrading our natural gas infrastructure.

Reliable in a Power Outage
Buildings utilizing natural gas power can be more hospitable during an electric power outage. Depending on the equipment and system configurations, gas can continue to provide life-sustaining services such as space and heating water and cooking.

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