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DTE Energy is ready to be the best partner we can be for your business. Below, you'll find information on key aspects of your utility billing.

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Simplify managing your energy bills with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Compatible with numerous business financial applications, EDI enables you to receive and pay the electric and natural gas bills via an electronic exchange of secure transactions between your company and DTE Energy.

Program Highlights

Streamlined Billing

By reducing paperwork and printing, EDI requires less time and effort to manage your bill compared to traditional billing methods.

Supported Transaction Sets

We offer ANSI X12 industry standard 810 invoice (outbound) and 820 payment order/remittance advice transactions.

Greater Efficiency and Accuracy

Because EDI interfaces directly with your system, it offers faster bill processing that minimizes time-consuming mistakes.

Maximize Cash Flow

EDI allows you to have greater control over your bill payment, which can help optimize your financial operations.

Sign up for the Electronic Data Interchange today

To begin using EDI for paying and receiving your DTE Energy bills, contact your DTE Energy Account Manager today. You'll need to provide us with your company's EDI and contact information for payments (820).

After we evaluate and verify your EDI electronic payment and remittance information, we will set up exchange for test files (810) between your company and DTE Energy.

Once the test is complete, your company will start receiving billing information and making payments via EDI for accounts you designate. We will stop sending paper bills one month after your accounts are set up on EDI.

All gas and electric business accounts are required to submit a copy of the Michigan General Sales Tax Exemption form to DTE Energy in order to have the correct tax exemption status on file and be billed accordingly. If you would like more information about tax exemptions, visit the State of Michigan Department of Treasury website.

Download a copy of the Michigan General Sales Tax Exemption form and return it to:

System Controls
DTE Energy
One Energy Plaza, 1128 WCB
Detroit, MI 48226

You can also submit the completed form by fax to 313.237.9567 or by e-mail to

If you discover that your account should have been tax exempt, you may be entitled to a credit on your DTE account. DTE is only allowed to credit taxes paid for a period of up to 4 years. In order to process a tax credit, DTE requires the following documentation:

  • A letter on company letterhead identifying the DTE account number, meter number and period of time the refund is being requested.
  • A completed Certificate for Exemption from Michigan General Sales Tax that has the following dates:
    • Date Issued – this is the start date of the refund requested.
    • Section 4 Certification Date – the date the form was signed.

If you are acting on behalf of a DTE electric or gas customer, DTE requires that a 
Customer Release Authorization form is completed by the DTE customer. Please complete all of the required areas and send the authorization form along with the documents listed above to DTE either by mail, fax or email as stated above. Please only use one method of communication.

If your business is behind on its utility balance, a Payment Agreement allows you to use an installment plan to bring your account back into good standing.

Payment Agreements require a down payment, with the remaining balance to be paid in monthly installments. You must agree to pay the monthly installment plus your current charges (the amount shown on your bill for the most recent billing cycle) on the same date your current bill is due.

Payment agreements are available for all business / commercial customers with a past-due balance.

To set up a new Payment Agreement, or to cancel or modify an existing agreement, please call 855.383.4249.