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Power Up Electrical Management

Power Up Electrical Management

To maximize your efficiency, DTE Energy offers a suite of resources, response tools and programs, such as LOAD|watch℠ and our Energy Partnership and Service.

DTE Energy can help you effectively manage electricity at your facility. We have a variety of data and response programs that are specifically available to commercial and industrial electric customers. The following resources are available to help you better manage energy usage at your business.

Interruption Probability

Special interruptible rates offer our commercial and industrial customers discounted electricity prices in return for permission to occasionally interrupt electrical service.
Commercial and industrial customers should consult our current Rate Book for further information.

The probability of interruption shown below is current.
Probability of Interruption
If Low...System normal. Interruption probabilities may be revised any time during the day due to changes in the weather or electrical system capability. Please recheck this site periodically.
If Medium...Conditions are such that the loss of a generating unit and/or purchase power could lead to a High Probability Notice or request for load curtailment.
If High...Conditions are such that you may be requested to shed load soon. If you are a current subscriber to LOAD|watch℠ please log in for further information. If you are not a LOAD|watch℠ subscriber, please contact your DTE Energy Account Representative for further information. System condition updates will be provided through LOAD|watch℠ or your account representative as changes occur.
If Interrupting...You are requested to shed load. If you are a current subscriber to LOAD|watch℠ please log in for further information. If you are not a LOAD|watch℠ subscriber, please contact your DTE Energy Account Representative for further information. System condition updates will be provided through LOAD|watch℠ or your account representative as changes occur.

Please note: If you fail to curtail load as requested, we reserve the right to interrupt your total separately metered load on this rider/contract, or total plant if not separately metered. You will be billed at the rate of per kW per instance applied to contract capacity. In addition, your interruptible contract capacity will be immediately reduced by the amount by which you failed to interrupt, unless you demonstrate that failure to interrupt was beyond your control.

Interval Data Reports

Interval Data Reports provide large commercial and industrial customers with online access to load profile usage data. Within this program, users can use analytic tools to view load data, as shown in 30-minute increments. They can also create graphs and tables that help them easily visualize data, as well as export detailed custom reports. NOTE: Load profile usage is only available in locations with program-supported meters.

To access Interval Data Reports, you must log on to the business website.

Terms of Use: This service is offered on a “best effort” and is provided “as is” with no representation or warranties of any kind, either expressed, implied, or statutory, including but not limited to, the fitness for a particular purpose. The user of this Interval Data Report assumes total responsibility and risk of use of the data and data-related services.

LOAD|watch℠ Energy Monitoring Service

LOAD|watch℠ is an internet-based energy monitoring service that provides you with real-time — and historical — energy usage and demand data for your facility. This service can also be used to monitor and control stand-by generators to assure reliability.

Who Can Benefit?

For minimal cost, any DTE Electric customer who wants real-time access to their energy usage data will benefit from this service. Primary Supply (Rate D6) customers are the largest group of LOAD|watch℠ users. However, any business customer on the Large General Service (D4) or an interruptible rate can also benefit from this service.

Reduce Demand Charges

  • Receive alerts via text messages when the demand at your facility is near the previous peak. This will enable you to take steps to reduce demand when needed to reduce demand charges.
  • View real-time usage from any computer with Internet access or from any Smartphone.
  • Obtain historical reports and export the data into Microsoft Excel.
  • Sub-metering can be added to provide additional energy data for specific loads
  • Generator monitoring provides immediate notification for alarms and failure of the unit to exercise.

How It Works

The Logger sends facility meter data to the LOAD|watch Center every five minutes. You may access this data via the Internet from any PC or Smartphone and can opt to receive high demand notifications via text message.

To enroll, contact contact the LOAD|watch℠ staff directly by phone at 313.235.5590.

Understanding & Improving Your Power Factor

Power factor can significantly affect costs for electric service. Understanding and improving your power factor is important and should be a component of your energy management plan.

What Is Power Factor?

Power factor is a term that expresses the relationship between working power — the power actually consumed at your business — and the capacity, which must be supplied by us to have this working power available.

Working power is expressed in kilowatts or kW (one kilowatt = 1,000 watts). This registers as kilowatt-hours on your electric meter. The total capacity required is expressed in kilovolt-amperes, or kVA. Electrical equipment, such as generators and transformers, are rated in kVA).

Power factor is the ratio of the working power to the total capacity required to provide this power, or kW/kVA.

Why is Power Factor Important?

Power factor can impact your energy costs. Improving the power factor can improve efficiency, often resulting in significant economic savings.

Benefits of Improving Power Factor

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lower transmission and distribution losses in your electrical system
  • Higher and more quality voltage regulation
  • Increased capacity available to serve actual working power requirements
  • Reduced non-productive loading on the system

How Does Power Factor Affect Electric Bills?

There is a substantial cost increase in serving customers with low power factor loads. These costs are not reflected in metered use of working power. Therefore, special provisions are made to compensate DTE Electric for the additional investment. Accordingly, some DTE Electric rates call for penalties ranging from 1 to 3 percent when the power factor is between 85 and 70 percent.

Power factors below 70 percent are not permitted, and customers are required to invest in corrective equipment necessary to improve the power factor above this level. Until corrections are made, a 25 percent penalty charge will be applied to any billing after two consecutive months below 70 percent power factor and will continue as long as the power factor remains below this level.

Below are examples of how power factor affects your monthly electric bill.

For a Mid Size Primary Service Customer:

% Power Factor Penalty1%2%3%25%
Monthly Electric Bill$17,500$17,500$17,500$17,500
Monthly Power Factor Penalty$175$350$525$4,375
Estimated Cost to Correct$5,500$6,875$8,800$11,000
Simple Payback (months)3120173

For a Large-Size Primary Service Customer:

% Power Factor Penalty1%2%3%25%
Monthly Electric Bill$100,000$100,000$100,000$100,000
Monthly Power Factor Penalty$1,000$2,000$3,000$25,000
Estimated Cost to Correct$6,875$9,075$11,000$17,875
Simple Payback (months)7541

What Kind of Loads Contribute to Poor Power Factor?

  • Lightly loaded or oversized motors or transformers
  • Most welding operations
  • Certain fluorescent lamp ballasts

What Can Be Done to Improve Power Factor?

The best way to improve your power factor depends largely on the particular operating considerations involved. In some cases, motors or transformers can be sized into the actual work requirement, effectively improving the power factor. It may be that motor idling or “no load” running periods can be reduced, with a two-fold benefit-improved power factor and more effective energy management.

In extreme cases, where power factor is below 85 percent, customers may be required to invest in corrective equipment. DTE Energy can provide you with a list of qualified equipment vendors to complete the installations.

For more information on how to improve your power factor, contact your account manager. Our engineers are qualified and always available to discuss specific recommendations with you.

Electric Rate Book & Standard Forms

We offer a number of standard and custom rate options for our business customers. See Section D, Rate Schedules, in the Rate Book provided below. Rate options include:

  • Interruptible Rates. DTE Energy customers on interruptible load programs provide value to all retail customers with as much as $20 million savings annually, in recent years. If and when these customers are interrupted, they can also provide system reliability and environmental benefits including reduced emissions.
  • Riders. Amendments to DTE Energy contracts or additional provisions to contracts (Resale, Economic Development, Electric Process Heat, etc).
  • School Rate. Rates for educational facilities.
  • Municipal Rate. Municipal pumping rate.

DTE Energy is regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). The company’s rules, regulations and rates are periodically updated as a result of orders issued by the MPSC. There may be a time lag of up to 30 days from the date of the issuance of an order until modified tariff pages are actually filed with and approved by the MPSC, and incorporated on this site.

Rate Book Pages

The DTE Electric Company Rate Book can be found on the Michigan Public Service Commission Website. If you have questions regarding the Rate Book please contact DTE Regulatory Affairs at mpscfilings@dteenergy.com.

Security Deposits

New Customers

A deposit may be required for new service for any of the following reasons:

  • Unfavorable credit rating with a credit-reporting agency
  • There is an unpaid utility bill in your name and/or entity that accrued within the past six years
  • Service was obtained illegally or equipment was tampered with
  • Relief has been sought under federal bankruptcy laws within the past six years

Existing Customers

A deposit may be required for any of the following reasons:

  • There was an unpaid utility bill in your name and/or business name within the past six years
  • Service has been shut off for non-payment
  • Service was obtained illegally or equipment was tampered with
  • Two or more final disconnect notices have been issued within the last 12 months
  • Unsatisfactory record of bill payment occurred within the first 6 months after service commenced

Deposit Amounts

  • Large businesses
    (15,000 kWh or more of electric service and/or 5,000 CCF or more of gas service annually)
    The deposit amount will be 25% of your annual usage. Deposits required due to unauthorized use, tampering or energy theft will be based on four times the average peak season monthly bill.
  • Smaller businesses
    (15,000 kWh or less of electric service and/or 5,000 CCF or less of gas service annually)
    The deposit amount will be 15% of your yearly usage.
    During the winter heating season (November 1st through March 31st), the deposit amount requested because utility service has been shut off for non-payment or unauthorized usage within the last 12 months will be the average monthly bill based on your premises.
    Deposit requirements for the non-winter heating season due to unauthorized use, tampering or energy theft will be based on four (4) times the average peak season monthly bill.

Interest and Refunds

Interest earned on your deposit is applied annually to your account. The deposit will be applied to the final bill or refunded with interest after 12 consecutive months in which the bills have been paid by the due date and no late fees have been assessed or shut-off notices issued.

Interest is paid at 7% per annum.

If utility service is terminated and the deposit has not already been returned, the deposit and accrued interest are applied to the final bill. Any credit balance is refunded to you.

Deposits for reasons of tampering or unauthorized use are retained for 36 months. The deposit is refunded if you make satisfactory bill payments during the last 12 months of the 36-month period.

Energy Partnership and Services

Lower your energy costs! Our energy consultants can show you how.
We offer a broad array of energy efficiency and quality management consulting services to help you achieve substantial energy savings. Our experts consult a wide range of commercial and industrial customers.

  • Office buildings
  • Small manufacturers
  • K-12 schools and universities
  • Hotel and lodging
  • Government agencies
  • Retailers
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Restaurants
  • Large automotive
  • Steel, paper and plastic manufacturing

Our current customers include Ford Motor Company, General Motors, University of Michigan and Severstal North America.

We Are Your Qualified Energy Partner

When we talk energy efficiency, we’re not reading from a manual. We're applying over 1,000 combined years of experience. Our workforce is comprised of many licensed professional engineers and highly qualified certified Energy Managers (CEM).

Our Services

We provide assistance and expertise to help you lower energy costs. We’ll also assist you in finding third party financing to help with implementation costs for your energy-saving projects.

Our services include:

  • On-site Energy Management. An energy expert is located at your facility full-time to get to know your business operations and provide more in-depth energy management services. Our energy managers have proven success for capturing long-term savings.
  • Energy Audits. We inspect all energy consuming equipment (i.e. electric, natural gas, fuel oil or propane) and then provide summarized results, project recommendations and potential energy savings. If we implement the recommendations for you, we waive the cost of the audit.
  • Project Management. We have expertise in applying project management to human resources, contract administration, procurement, quality control and more.
  • Energy Programs. We assist with establishing energy policies, energy conservation and awareness programs and benchmarking energy performance that will allow for continuous improvement.
  • Equipment Optimization Programs. We develop programs that will lead to increased equipment dependability, establish run times, heating and cooling set points and improve maintenance programs that result in improved equipment reliability and extension on life.
  • Project Funding. We can connect you with numerous low-interest sources available to help finance or lease capital projects.

If you’re interested in onsite energy management for your business and would like more information, call us toll-free at (855) 221-1199.