Landlord Property Registry (Without ATS)

Owners are now able to identify themselves as the landlord of their rental properties without enrolling in the Automatic Transfer of Service (ATS) program. This new free service enables landlords to easily view the status of all their rental units in one location.

Landlords who register will not become financially responsible for service if a tenant moves out unless the landlord contacts DTE Energy to place service in their name. Service will be disconnected upon tenant request instead of being transferred into the landlord’s name.

Tenant Shutoff Notifications

This landlord feature is also designed so rental property owners can receive tenant shutoff notifications on a registered property if it becomes subject to disconnection for reasons other than tenant request. If service becomes subject to disconnection for nonpayment while under a tenant’s name, DTE Energy will make a courtesy attempt to notify the landlord of the pending disconnect via U.S mail, but only if a landlord has provided us with a valid mailing address specifically for tenant shutoff notifications.

Landlords who register their property won’t receive notification when a tenant moves out (unless they also enroll in ATS). However, registered landlords without ATS can monitor the real-time status of their registered property online in the Property Management section. Landlords can view move-in dates, move-out dates and pending disconnection activity.

Landlord Registration Requirements

To register as the owner of their rental properties, landlords must be the legal owner of the property and must be a registered DTE Energy customer who is able to provide either federal tax identification or Social Security verification. The property must have at least one metered utility under DTE Energy and cannot have more than one registered landlord.

Learn More About Landlord Utility Management

For more information on this program, view our Frequently Asked Questions.