DTE Telecom

DTE Telecom

Save money on energy-efficient upgrades.

The DTE Telecom offering provides rebates for energy efficiency upgrades that can lower your monthly energy expenses, improve system performance in data centers and server rooms and identify facility development opportunities – without slowing down your daily operations.​ 

Call us at (866) 796-0512 and select option 3 to speak directly with an Energy Advisor.

How it Works


Review Goals

Your Energy Advisor will review your project goals and recommend equipment and available rebates.


Verify Savings

When your project is completed, your Energy Advisor will verify the energy savings and confirm your rebate.


Receive Rebate

Your rebate check will be sent to you in the mail upon completion of the project.

About Telecom

Energy-Saving Upgrades and Rebates

  • Network optimization and switch equipment upgrades
  • Rectifier upgrades
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system upgrades
  • HVAC equipment upgrades, right-sizing and controls
  • Variable frequency drives (VFS) and fan optimization
  • Airflow management with increased economization

Eligibility Requirements

  • DTE Electric customers are eligible to participate and must have a data center or server room.
  • Qualifying customers in the electric service area are providers of wired or wireless telephone, internet, cable, broadcasting or telecommunications data services within the DTE service area.

Speak directly with an Energy Advisor.

Call (866) 796-0512 and select option 3, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday or email us at dtesaveenergy@dnv.com

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