Business EV Charger Rebate

EV charging stations are good for business

Available charging infrastructure incentives make them even better

Charger Infrastructure Incentives

DTE offers rebates that fund the EV supply infrastructure and charging stations for business and commercial electric customers.


We review applications for Business EV Charger Rebates on a case-by-case basis. At this time, DTE is not considering applications from dealerships. There are a limited number of rebates available for DCFCs, and applications will be considered for approval if they meet the site requirements and preferred site conditions available here.

  • Level 2 stations receive $2,000 per port
  • DC Fast Charger (DCFC) stations receive up to $55,000 per charger

See the terms & conditions for a complete list of participation requirements.

Choose the qualified charger brand, model and quantity you’d like to install.

Select an electrical contractor

Use our directory to find an electrician
(You are not required to use an electrician from the directory)

Gather a copy of the property deed where chargers will be installed

For the company receiving the rebate check:

Complete the "Step 1 – Initial Application" form.  Apply Now

Please note: The Initial Application form is necessary for you to receive approval for the rebate

Your information will be saved and ready for you to complete the Rebate Form, which happens after your charges have been installed

After you’ve applied you will receive an email confirmation

DTE then reviews your application and sends an approval email to you

Have your electrical contractor work with the city to obtain required permits

Your electrician can then perform any necessary electrical infrastructure work and install the charger(s)

Take pictures of the installed, functioning chargers once they are in service

Go to to complete your rebate application:

  1. Select “View/Edit Project” to get to your project
  2. Go to the “Available Forms” section
  3. Find  “Step 2 – Finalize Rebate” and click “Begin”
  4. Complete the form, including pictures of the installed, functioning chargers 
  5. Submit 

DTE approves and processes the rebate

Have questions? Email us at