Charger Installation Process (without rebates)

10-Step Process

Follow this 10-step process to deploy charging infrastructure at your location. If your electrician determines you have sufficient capacity to install EV chargers at your location, you will only need to complete Step 1 below prior to your chargers being installed by your electrical contractor.

* Incentives for charger installation are available. If you are interested in participating, please apply through the Business EV Charger Rebate program.

  • Decide where you’d like the charger(s) located
  • Choose the charger brand, model, and quantity you’d like to install
  • Select an electrical contractor
    • If the electrical contractor determines that you have sufficient electrical capacity, you can have them proceed with the installation
    • If you need a new or upgrade in service, continue to Step 2: Prepare

  • Gather the following documents:
    • Proof of ownership for location of chargers (or copy of deed from the property owner)
    • Site plan with existing utilities highlighted
  • Work with your electrical contractor to complete:

  • Once you’ve connected with us to initiate the process, we’ll follow up to gather more information about your project

  • DTE will visit your location to collect all information necessary (your electrical contractor should attend this meeting)
  • DTE designs the electrical service connection up to and including the meter

  • You or your electrical contractor will work with the city to obtain required permits before any work can be done
  • Your electrician will perform any necessary electrical infrastructure work between the meter and the charger
  • All work must be approved by your city or township before DTE can begin its portion of the installation process

  • You’ll need to sign a DTE agreement and easement (if applicable) before we can begin construction

  • DTE will conduct inspections to ensure your site is ready for work

  • We will contact you to schedule an official start date for construction and check in approximately one week before work begins

  • When your installation is complete, DTE will verify everything is in working order, and you’ll be ready to start charging