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Types of EV Chargers

Level 1 electric vehicle charger
Level 2 electric vehicle charger

Level 2

  • Charging speed: One hour of Level 2 charging provides up to 30 miles of range, depending on the vehicle model.
  • Outlet required: Connects to a four-prong, 240-volt outlet, like the one that powers your clothes dryer.
  • Qualifies for DTE Home EV Charger Rebate if you enroll in an eligible time of day electric rate.
  • Charging can be hardwired, which requires a charging station with a conduit instead of a plug.
DC Fast Charger (DCFC)

EV Charging

Learn more about charging your EV and different types of EV chargers by watching this video.

Charging your EV is easy.

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Home EV Charger Rebate

You can cash in on a $500 rebate when you buy or lease an EV, enroll in an eligible electric rate and install a Level 2 charger.

Electric Pricing

We have rate plans that benefit EV drivers. See how charging overnight can help you save and decide which of three qualifying electric rates is best for you.