Cost Savings and Benefits

Every Trip is Cheaper in an EV

We’re committed to supporting you with information and incentives. See how EVs benefit you and your community by watching a video and reading the details below.

Have a look at the EV driving experience.

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Better Value

Compare the costs of owning an EV versus a gasoline vehicle and check out our EV Showroom to see how much each model will save in monthly fuel and total cost of ownership. In addition, DTE offers lower electric pricing options for night and weekend charging.

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Less Maintenance

No oil changes or replacing spark plugs and fuel filters, and EV regenerative breaking extends the brake pad lifespan. With many less moving parts, EVs are easier to maintain than vehicles with combustion engines.

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Benefiting Michigan

The energy your EV uses is produced right here in Michigan. Also, EVs have zero tailpipe emissions. An EV driver in Michigan reduces up to 70% emissions annually compared to a driver of a gas-powered vehicle.


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