Natural Gas System Improvements Frequently Asked Questions

A DTE service technician installing a natural gas pipeline in the ground.

DTE owns the natural gas meters in customers’ homes and businesses. The Michigan Public Service Commission has given us permission to install, inspect, test, repair, turn off, relocate or remove our meters and other equipment on your property.

You are not charged for the work, nor will it change your monthly bill.

An approved DTE contractor may ask to come inside to inspect your sewer line using a special video camera. The inspection, which can take place before or after work is performed at your property, is an important step to ensure our work does not interfere with existing underground pipes.

Typically, your new natural gas meter will be located as close as possible to the existing natural gas service line. In some cases, safety standards or other issues will require a different location. Our crew will work with you to determine a suitable location.

Please speak with a DTE crew member working in your area and they will arrange to have a planner visit your property to explain details and fees.

The Michigan Public Service Commission has mandated the meter move out program; it is not voluntary. Meters are being moved outside to improve the safety and reliability of your natural gas service.

If, after several attempts, you refuse to allow us to enter your property to move your meter, your service will be disconnected. It will take a minimum of five days for us to return to your home to reconnect your service.

You also may be required to pay a minimum fee of $300  before your natural gas service can be reconnected.

To have your service reconnected, please call (800) 477-4747 or visit a customer service center to pay the fee. Once the fee is paid and you allow us inside the property, our crew will move your natural gas meter and reconnect your service.

If you currently have natural gas service for your home or business, DTE will move your meter and turn on your service — regardless of your account status.

If you’re having trouble paying your bill, call  (800) 477-4747. You also can visit our  General Assistance  page or reach out to one of the Energy Assistance Agencies in your area.