Political Participation

DTE Energy is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and to complying with all applicable laws. As an energy company, we are affected each day by the decisions of federal, state and local officials. DTE Energy is an active participant in the political process and encourages its employees to participate in the process. DTE Energy supports public policies that promote its commitment to sustainable, reliable, affordable and safe energy. DTE Energy’s decisions on political action committee and corporate contributions including support for trade and business associations, recognizes these policy positions and policies that help our local communities prosper and flourish while promoting opportunity for all in an open and just society.

Corporate Political Contributions

DTE Energy may use corporate treasury funds only for legally permissible contributions to political organizations for initiatives that support the goals and business objectives of the Company. Such contributions are generally made only upon a specific request from such an organization.

DTE Energy will comply with all applicable laws governing its legally permissible corporate contributions to political organizations. Federal and Michigan law strictly prohibits the direct contribution of corporate treasury funds to candidates running for federal and state and local offices in Michigan or to their campaign committees. We do not make independent political expenditures with corporate treasury funds. For DTE’s purposes, independent expenditures, as defined by the Federal Election Commission, are funds expended by the company to directly support or defeat a candidate.

DTE will make contributions, using corporate treasury funds, to 527 organizations, Super PACs, Ballot Question Committees, and 501(c)4 social welfare organizations. All annual corporate contributions to these organizations will be disclosed in accordance with section E of our OP10 policy.

Political Action Committee

DTE encourages our employees to become informed about the policy matters affecting the company and our customers, and to be involved in the political process. DTE Energy facilitates this participation through the DTE Energy Political Action Committee (PAC). The DTE Energy PAC is a non-partisan entity funded by voluntary contributions from eligible employees. The PAC is guided by a Steering Committee compromised of PAC members from across the company that are elected by all PAC members, and makes contributions to candidates committees, political parties, and other political committees in accordance with all applicable federal and state law.

The following criteria are used in evaluating requests for PAC contributions:

  1. Public integrity of the candidate
  2. Leadership position or committee service
  3. Representation of a district that includes a DTE Energy facility or service area
  4. General support on issues important to the Company
  5. Assessment of the appropriate level of support to be provided

Information about DTE Energy PAC obtained via the Federal Election Commission web site and the Michigan Secretary of State's Bureau of Elections web site.

Trade Associations

DTE Energy belongs to a number of (501(c)(6) trade associations and chambers of commerce, some of which participate in the political process. Support for these organizations is intended to further DTE’s public policy interests and business objectives. DTE requests that these organizations to which our dues or payments are significant provide a breakdown of the portion of our dues or payments that were used for lobbying or political contributions. This information can be found below.


The Company’s political activities, inclusive of Corporate Political and PAC contributions, and support for trade associations and chambers of commerce, are reviewed annually by the Public Policy and Responsibility Committee of the DTE Energy Board of Directors, which is comprised of independent directors. Such an oversight process provides for greater accountability and transparency for the Company’s corporate political activities.

The Vice President of Corporate & Government Affairs is responsible for approving all PAC contributions, and corporate political contributions up to $50,000. Contributions that exceed $50,000 must be approved by the Chief Financial Officer, who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

The company also conducts a quarterly review of approved corporate political contributions, and conducts an annual review of policies and procedures to ensure PAC and corporate political contributions are made in accordance with the law and company policies. Additionally, the company facilities employee compliance with our policies and procedures regarding political participation through an annual training and employee acknowledgments.


To promote transparency for all stakeholders, DTE Energy voluntarily provides the following documents.

DTE Corporate Policy OP-10 (Political Participation)
DTE Federal PAC (2019–2023)
DTE Michigan PAC (2018–2023)
DTE Corporate Political Contributions (2018–2023)
DTE Trade Association and Chamber of Commerce Support (2019–2023)