Attract Tenants

Tenants are Ready to Pay for Natural Gas

In study-after-study, tenants and home owners expressed their desire for natural gas heat, water and appliances. The majority of tenants (80 percent) prefer natural gas according to a study by Market Strategies International. Awareness of the benefits natural gas provides continues to rise and shape the market.

Benefits For Property Owners - By the Numbers

We did the math. DTE Energy’s study demonstrates the value of installing natural gas appliances for tenants:


Natural gas furnaces cost 40 percent less to operate than electric.

  • 53% of people ages 18-24 prefer natural gas*
  • 60% of people ages 25-34 prefer natural gas*

* Source: DTE Energy study

Water Heating
  • Natural gas water heaters use 54% less energy than standard tank water heaters
  • 42% of people ages 18-24 prefer natural gas water heating
  • 43% of people ages 25-34 prefer natural gas water heating
Clothes Drying

About 1-in-6 people are willing to pay more to dry their clothes using natural gas.

Closing the Deal

About 15 seconds is all it takes for prospective potential renters to decide if they’re interested in a unit strictly based on aesthetics. Natural gas hearth products, like fireplaces, and preferred natural gas appliances can help attract and retain your desired tenants.

Incentives & Rebates

Earn Rebates from DTE Energy

When you purchase qualifying ENERGY STAR® products.

Qualify for Federal Tax Credits

When you install natural gas furnaces and fans.