Business Benefits of Natural Gas

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What's So Great About Natural Gas


See How this Property Increased its Value by $7 Million

Residents prefer natural gas because it improves the quality of their home life in a variety of ways. Those customer-serving benefits enhance your property’s overall value by increasing revenue potential and lowering long-term maintenance costs.
See Major Increases in Value

Natural Gas Appliances Increased Property Values by $687,300

Properties with natural gas have lower operating costs, which means there can be a higher allocation of an occupant’s budget for rent. Properties with natural gas are also viewed as more premium dwellings than those without it, which can help command higher prices.
Why Natural Gas Appliances Raise Value

Lower Operating Costs

Natural gas costs $700 less per year than electricity on average for residents. Natural gas-powered appliances are more efficient and cheaper to operate.
How One Developer Saved $225k


Learn why 80% of Tenants Prefer Living with Natural Gas

Residents love cooking with natural gas stoves compared to electric stoves, because it allows for quicker, more precise temperatures, control and even heat. They also offer large cost savings to property owners as well. Natural gas stoves last six-years-longer than electric stoves on average.
Why More Tenants Want Natural Gas

Supply & Delivery

There is a clean, abundant supply of natural gas available to Michigan properties. Delivery is safe and reliable.


Energy-efficiency Programs Reduced Emissions by 50% per household

The environmental benefits of natural gas mean a lot to residents. For example, natural gas offers reduced carbon dioxide emissions – as much as 20 MMT (million metric tons) annually nationwide, which is equivalent to driving 49,020 miles less per year for one driver. This is a big factor in attracting residents – especially younger tenants.
Help Reduce Emissions


How Safe is Natural Gas

Safety is Our Highest Priority

At DTE Energy, safety is our number one priority in everything we do. As a member of the American Gas Association (AGA), we work together with other AGA member companies to identify and share best practices to help ensure safety and reliability for all of our customers. 

New Safety Technology Options

Excess Flow Valve

Installed on the service line as near as possible to the connection at the gas main. If there is accidental damage to the service line, an Excess Flow Valve is installed an extra safety measure to reduce or stop the flow of natural gas.
Natural Gas Safety

Meter Technology

DTE Energy will implement our latest meter technology to assist with inspection and safety.

  • Meter location and access so DTE can properly read meter
  • Best options to have one meter/unit
  • Smart meter technology

DTE Smart Meter

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Project Planning

Getting Started

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Access maps that identify the location of electric and natural gas lines on and around your construction site.