Avoid Seasonal Delays

Frame construction surrounded by snow
In Michigan, harsh winters or early spring can have a direct effect on your project. With just a little planning you can avoid delays, additional costs and ensure all resources are readily available.

Weather Smarts for Natural Gas Construction Heat

Plan Ahead for Winter

In the fall, the construction industry kicks into high gear, working to complete as much work as possible before winter arrives. If your residential construction work requires natural gas service, we recommend applying early to avoid seasonal delays.

Winter Deadlines and Rates

Winter weather doesn’t have to leave your construction projects out in the cold if you plan ahead. In many counties, we plan to work through the winter, but winter work is slower, more difficult and more costly.


Counties, villages, and cities that have road restrictions that prohibit installation during the winter include, but are not limited to the following. If you are completing construction in any of these areas, please return your completed application and payment by October 1st.

  • Antrim County, includes the Village of Elk Rapids
  • Charlevoix County
  • Cheboygan County
  • Emmet County
  • Leelanau County
  • Otsego County
  • Roscommon County
  • City of Traverse City
  • Upper Peninsula


During the winter season, you may experience an increase in installation costs. While the cost of main doesn’t increase, the cost of service does. For more information, contact DTE Energy.

Savings and Assistance

Save Money

Using natural gas saves up to 50% in fuel costs over the costs of propane.

Save Time

Natural gas dries concrete and paint more efficiently than other sources.

Work Safely

Remove heavy propane tanks and clutter from delivery trucks.

Get Started Early to Avoid Delays

If your residential construction work requires natural gas service, we recommend applying early for the service to avoid delays. This winter, keep your construction projects running by using natural gas as your source of heat.

1. Contact DTE Energy to apply for service at least four weeks for residential and six weeks for commercial installation.

2. Make sure your construction job is ready for natural gas installation by having:

  • The footing or foundation work completed.
  • The building address or lot number visible.
  • The site leveled to within 4 inches of finished grade.
  • All debris removed from the gas line path. "Keep Path Clear" signs are available by contacting me.
  • The gas meter location sticker affixed to the building.

3. Contact an equipment supplier to rent natural gas heaters.