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As a reliable supplier of natural gas for over 150 years, DTE Gas Company has a proud heritage of service to 1.3 million residential, commercial and industrial end user customers.

Extensive Transmission Network

Our extensive network of pipelines serves commercial & industrial and midstream customers, transporting natural gas to major pipeline interconnections throughout the Midwest. Our central location offers unsurpassed access and transportation options for shippers who need to deliver gas beyond the DTE Gas Company system.

  • 2,118 miles of transmission pipelines
  • 19,127 miles of distribution main
  • Approximately 140 Bcf (billion cubic feet) of storage capacity
  • Connects with ANR Pipeline, Panhandle Pipeline, Great Lakes Gas Transmission, Consumers Gas, Union Gas, Vector Pipeline, Washington 10, Blue Water Gas Storage

Prime Storage Geology

DTE Gas Company holds access to some of the best gas storage geology in North America. We own and operate four large natural gas storage fields. With approximately 140 Bcf of working storage, we can design a customized storage plan to meet your business needs.

  • Annual - Gas can be injected and withdrawn throughout the year or injected throughout the summer months and withdrawn during the winter months.
  • Balancing Services - Balancing services can be utilized to balance supply and market requirements.
  • For a complete description of services, please see our Operating Statement and or Rate Book.

Central Transportation Location

Our central location offers unsurpassed access and transportation options for shippers who need to deliver gas beyond the DTE Gas Company system.

We are a critical link for shippers who transport gas from mid-continent, Marcellus/Utica and Western Canadian supplies to markets in Eastern Canada, Chicago and even Wisconsin.

View our list of Key Transportation Interconnections.

Custom Services

  • Title Transfer - track all transactions involving the transfer of title of natural gas delivered within DTE Gas Company's transmission system without physical movement of the natural gas. The rate for this service is $0.005/MMBtu. For more information view our Title Transfer Service Policy.

DTE Gas Company Service Interconnections

Major Connection Map

Gas CO Service Territory & Major Connection Map

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Transmission Interconnection Map

Gas CO Storage & Transmission Interconnection Map

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Gas Co State Wide Map

Gas Co State Wide Map

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TransporterDTE Gas Company Interconnect(s)
ANR Pipeline CompanyWillow Run, Woolfolk, Kalkaska, N. Hamilton
Vector Pipeline CompanyBelle River
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Co.
Belle River, Goose Creek, Jordan Valley
Union Gas LimitedSt. Clair
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co.Scofield
Consumers EnergyNorthville
Michigan Gas UtilitiesGrand Haven
SEMCO Energy, Inc.Washington Twp.
Washington 10 Corp.Washington 10
Blue Water Gas StorageBlue Water


DTE Gas Company ProductionDTE Gas Company Receipt / Delivery
DTE Gas Company GatheringKalkaska - Merit
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