Stock Ownership

Director Stock Ownership

We have established stock ownership guidelines for non-employee directors to more closely tie their interests to those of shareholders. Under these guidelines, the Board requires that each director own shares of the Company’s common stock beginning no later than 30 days after election to the Board. In addition, directors are required to own, within five years after initial election to the Board, shares of Company stock having a value equal to two times the sum of a director’s annual cash retainer plus the value of a director’s annual phantom stock compensation.

Based on the 2022 director compensation program, a director with five years of service will be required to hold a minimum of $530,000 in stock under these guidelines. This ownership requirement is greater than four times the amount of a director’s cash retainer under the 2021 compensation program. As of December 31, 2021, all directors met the initial common stock ownership requirement and all those directors who have served as a director for at least five years after their initial election fulfilled the five-year requirement.

Stock Ownership Policy

Our principles for ownership of stock ensure that the executives and other employees have a vested interest in the financial health, management and success of the Company. We expect most executives and certain other employees to own, within five years of their appointment to such position, shares of our stock having a value equal to a multiple of their annual base salaries. The following are the requirements for the Named Executive Officers: for Mr. Norcia, five times his base salary; for Messrs. Ruud, Lauer, and Stiers, three times their respective base salaries. Other executives and employees may be required to hold from one to three times their base salaries as determined by their executive group level within the Company. As of December 31, 2021, 100% of the Named Executive Officers and all of the other required employees who have served in their position for at least five years have met the stock ownership guidelines.