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Frequently Asked Questions

Low-Income Self-Sufficiency Plan (LSP)

To be eligible to participate in the LSP program, a customer must meet income and energy usage criteria. At this time, State Emergency Relief (SER) is not available until October 1, 2024, so applicants are not required to apply for an SER to qualify for LSP.

Federal and State Requirements

  • Income equal to or less than 150 percent Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Guidelines
  • Energy usage over the last 12 months is comparable with average annual usage for a residential customer
Service TypeConsumption Over the Last 12 Months
Both Gas and ElectricLess than or equal to $3,750
Gas OnlyLess than or equal to $2,150
Electric OnlyLess than or equal to $1,600

The monthly payment amount is determined by the customer’s income level, usage and type of active electric or natural gas service.

Enrollment in the Low-Income Self-Sufficiency Plan begins each year on October 1.

Yes. Customers enrolled in the LSP are still eligible to file a Home Heating Credit with the state. Customers must have an active heating account at the time of filing.

Yes. You are still eligible to apply for other agency assistance if you experience a hardship while enrolled in the LSP. Typically, an agency payment is applied directly to past-due payment amounts.

The LSP is transferrable to your new address as long as your monthly installments are current.

Missed payments may result in termination from the LSP program for the remainder of the program year.

Yes. Each month you would be required to pay the HPP monthly plan amount in addition to the LSP amount.

If you are removed from the LSP, you may not be eligible for MDHS assistance during the current fiscal year.

LSP is a 24 month program

No. LSP enrollment only applies to your primary residence.

Yes, all customers enrolled in the LSP must have an active account in their name.

DTE Energy partners with various human service agencies to validate and complete the application process. If interested in applying, please contact the following agencies to request an application:


Agency Name


Superior Watershed (UP Customers Only)
(906) 273-2742
Salvation Army
(616) 929-1645
United Way SEM (Southeastern MI)
(844) 211-4994
True North
(231) 355-5880
(800) 866-8429
Michigan Community Action (MCA)
St. Vincent de Paul
(313) 393-2930
United Way of Jackson County Michigan
(517) 741-0202