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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Our Website

To provide the best, most secure browsing experience possible, we recommend using the latest versions of the browsers linked below to access Our website has been optimized for both desktop and mobile views in these browsers, which are available for free.

Recaptcha is an internet security tool powered by Google. It’s common on sites that collect sensitive personal information, such as email addresses and payment methods. Recaptcha requires users to click a verification box prior to continuing their transaction(s). On some websites, users are required to answer a picture or audio challenge question.

Please follow the on-screen instructions to complete these challenges. If you have questions, please contact our online assistance team via online chat or phone.

If you are having trouble entering numeric values — dollar amounts, account numbers, street addresses — on an Android phone, try disabling the predictive text option.

Predictive text is like auto-complete and auto-correct features found on many smartphones and browsers. As you type, the device offers auto-fill suggestions to speed input. Predictions are based on message context and a custom dictionary of words you use regularly. When the software expects one result based on a pattern you’ve used before and you break that pattern, either the number won’t appear when typed or a few digits are displayed but the field automatically empties as you continue to add numbers.

To disable predictive text on Android phones, open the Keyboard settings (the location varies by operating system version). Swipe down from top to access Phone settings, find the Language and Input menu and choose the Keyboard settings. Turn Predictive Text to OFF, which will also deactivate the auto-replace feature.

No, DTE Energy customers can access their online account for free. Your mobile provider may charge you based on your rate plan, however. Contact your mobile provider if you are unsure what you may be charged to use text and browse the web.

For assistance with your online account, call a DTE Energy representative at 800.482.8720 (option 1) Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.