Electric Vehicle Rebate

Get a $1,500 Rebate on a Purchased or Leased EV

Are you interested in buying or leasing an all-electric vehicle? You could be eligible for a $1,500 rebate from DTE based on your household income. See how the rebate works and review eligibility requirements.

Get $1,500

How to Get Your EV Rebate

clipboard icon1. Review the eligibility requirements to see if you qualify.
Electric car icon2. Purchase or lease an eligible new or used all-electric vehicle.
6 Mo Calendar icon3. Submit the application no later than 6 months after purchasing or leasing your EV.
Email envelope icon4. DTE verifies that you meet eligibility requirements and sends a confirmation email.
Money hand icon5. You receive a $1,500 check from us in the mail.

Eligibility Requirements

You may qualify for a rebate if you’re a current DTE electric residential customer, your account is in good standing with no outstanding balances and you meet the income and vehicle eligibility requirements detailed below.

Please see our Electric Vehicle Rebate Agreement for full program requirements.

EV Rebate Income Eligibility is dependent on a household’s total annual income and total household members. The chart below specifies the maximum income eligibility based on the number of people in your household.

Household Size2024 Program Income Eligibility – Income Doesn’t Exceed
Household Size > 8$216,260 + ($21,250 for each additional person in household)

Determining your household size.
For the EV Rebate program, a household is defined as household members listed on the Applicant’s tax return. For most Applicants, this will include you, your spouse if you filed taxes jointly and any dependents. Anyone living with you who isn’t listed on your filed tax return won’t be included in the household for this program’s purposes.

Verifying that you meet the EV Rebate’s Income Eligibility Requirement. Two options:

  1. DTE verifies that now or in the last 12 months you were enrolled in an energy assistance program. If so, you already meet the EV Rebate’s Income Eligibility Requirement. Energy assistance includes the Shutoff Protection Program, Home Heating Credit, State Emergency Relief or Michigan Energy Assistance Program. Learn more about energy assistance and how to apply. 

  2. You allow DTE to review your tax transcript and the tax transcript of each household member 18 years or older for the most recent tax year. For applications submitted using the 2023 or 2024 tax year, DTE will use IRS Form 1040 line 9 as the total income for each person 18 years or older. 

Our verifier, Veri-Tax,™ will send electronic signature requests on behalf of DTE to you and any other adult members of your household at the email address(es) you provided in your application. The emails will come from the email address info@taxverification.com. Veri-Tax™ will ask you and any other adult members of your household to sign and submit a U.S. IRS Form 4506-C electronically. Each form must be signed by at least one of the household members listed on the form. This form allows Veri-Tax™ to obtain a tax transcript from the IRS, which DTE uses to determine household income.

Please also review the Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines | ASPE (hhs.gov)

  • Purchase or lease a new or used all-electric vehicle.
    • Plug-in hybrid EVs and vehicles with a gasoline engine or hydrogen fuel cell are not eligible.
    • Check out DTE’s EV Showroom for help picking an all-electric vehicle.
  • Your purchase or lease must be with a licensed dealership or online car retailer.
  • Your purchase or lease contract execution date must be after December 1, 2022. If the EV is leased, you must have a lease term of at least two years.
  • The vehicle must be registered in your name with the Michigan Secretary of State and at the same address as your DTE Electric service account at the time of application.

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Email us at evinfo@dteenergy.com

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