DTE Insight

An All New Smart Experience

Create a smarter home that works for you. The DTE Insight app helps you understand, manage and control the energy that powers your home and your life. Make your home smarter and more efficient now.

Download your free Insight app today to get started. Upgrade to the Premium experience to add the Energy Bridge, free for the first six months then just $1.99/month.



See Your Home Like Never Before

How much energy does your home use each day? What does it cost? Can making adjustments help you use less energy and save money? The DTE Insight app gives you the information to understand how your home uses energy like never before.

Control Your Home From Anywhere

Is your furnace working? Did you shut off the curling iron? How much does it cost when the kids play video games all night? By connecting the Insight app to the Energy Bridge, you can see and control your energy use in real time. Save more. Worry less.

A Smart Home That Works for You

Can you adjust your thermostat so you always come home to a cool house on a hot day? Can you set a schedule and control your lights from your phone? DTE Insight gives you a single, secure place to efficiently manage your home’s smart devices.

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