Installation Support

The Energy Bridge allows you to view your energy consumption in real-time. With the DTE Insight app and Energy Bridge bundle, you’ll see what’s happening in your home, what’s using the most power and when. You can request the Energy Bridge from the app and bind it to your home’s AMI smart meter once it's been delivered to the address you provided. You won’t need any tools, and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

  1. Unbox and Power Up: First, open up the Energy Bridge from the packaging and place in a room that’s closest to your home’s AMI smart meter—for best results, place it within 25 ft. Find the power cord in the kit and plug it into the Energy Bridge, then plug it into a power outlet.
  2. Bluetooth Setup: Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone and make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. The DTE Insight app will temporarily use Bluetooth to set up the Energy Bridge.
  3. Place Your Phone Near the Bridge: Open the Insight app and tap “Begin Energy Bridge Setup” on the home screen. Make sure the Energy Bridge light is green, then place your phone within one inch of the bridge. Next, simply tap “Begin,” then gently touch your phone to the front of the Energy Bridge. You’ll know it’s pairing when the Energy Bridge begins flashing blue. When it’s been successfully paired, you’ll see the “Success“ screen on your phone.
  4. Wi-Fi Setup: Once your phone is paired, it’s time to connect the Energy Bridge to Wi-Fi. Tap “Connect to Internet” and choose your home’s Wi-Fi network from the list. Next type in your Wi-Fi password. The Energy Bridge will now join your Wi-Fi network and is ready to bind to the smart meter.
  5. Bind to the AMI Smart Meter: When you’ve finished setting up via Wi-Fi, tap “Request Bind” on your Insight app. This process can take 5-10 minutes and sometimes up to an hour if the light flashes yellow—this means a new firmware update is downloading. At this point, you can walk away from the Energy Bridge with your phone and continue with your day. When you come back, the Energy Bridge should be ready to go and you’ll be able to view your real-time usage next time you open the app!