Excess Flow Valve

Excess Flow Valve

An Extra Measure of Safety

Excess FLow Valves are used as an added safety feature on natural gas service lines in case of accidental damage to the pipe. Service lines generally run from the street to the home or business. The Excess Flow Valve is installed on the service line as near as possible to the connection at the gas main. If there is accidental damage to the service line, an Excess Flow Valve is designed to reduce or stop the flow of natural gas.

An Excess Flow Valve will not protect against small gas leaks from underground piping, leaks at the gas meter or inside fuel line(s), or damage to the pipeline from major events, such as earthquakes, uprooted trees and flooding.

Installing Excess Flow Valves

Currently, DTE Energy is installing Excess Flow Valves on new and replaced service lines for most single family, multi-family (apartment complexes) and small commercial buildings.

However, you may request to have an excess flow valve installed on the existing service line to your building or residence if you meet specific requirements. There is a $600 charge for installing an excess flow valve.

Learn More About Excess Flow Valves

To see if your building or residence meets the requirements to have an Excess Flow Valve installed or have one installed on its service line already, contact a DTE Energy representative at (313) 389-7409.