Meter Clearing

Meter Clearing

Keep Your Meter Clear

As a Michigander, you know the seasons can be tough on you and your gas meter. Falling branches from wind and ice storms can damage the equipment. The same is true of heavy snow sliding off roofs and large icicles that suddenly detach.

It’s also important to maintain a clear path to your gas meter all year to accommodate service visits, periodic safety inspections and emergency situations. Trim overgrown vegetation and remove piles of leaves and debris that can hinder access and prevent the meter from venting.

While you’re at it, make sure the exhaust vents and air intakes of natural gas appliances are not obstructed. If they’re blocked, dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) could accumulate in your home or business.

You can safeguard your home or business by following these seasonal precautions:


  • Remove branches that may have fallen on your meter due to spring ice storms or high winds. Inspect the unit for damage.


  • Trim tall grass, weeds and greenery around your meter as well as natural gas exhaust and air intakes. This decreases the risk of CO building up in your home.


  • Remove leaves from around natural gas exhaust and air intakes.
  • Do not pile leaves in a way that limits access to your meter for service visits or emergency situations.


  • Be careful using a shovel, snow blower or snowplow when clearing snow and ice near your natural gas meter.
  • Keep your natural gas meter and equipment free of snow and ice by carefully removing accumulations by hand, brush or broom.
  • Do not use sharp objects, salt, ice melting chemicals or hot water to remove snow and ice.
  • Look up! Cautiously remove ice hanging from roof edges above your natural gas meter.
  • Clear your natural gas appliance vents and air intakes of potential obstructions.

Hands-Off Approach to Meter Safety

Other than keeping it clear of obstructions, you should not touch or handle your natural gas meter. Never tie or wrap anything around the unit. Don’t let children play on the meter and do not enclose it in any type of structure.