Building with Natural Gas

The Natural Choice for Builders and Developers

Building with natural gas pays off. With an overwhelming majority of home buyers preferring natural gas appliances and heating, it’s no surprise that homes with natural gas can command a higher sale price.

The Pros of Building with Natural Gas

Increase in Property Value

  • 78% of builders install natural gas appliances due to consumer preference
  • 67% of customers prefer natural gas for heating, water heating and cooking, increase the value of the home with NG.

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  • 100% comes from North America
  • Enough supply to last over 100 years
  • Clean, efficient, abundant


  • Building green to represent 26 – 33% of the market ($80 – 100 billion)
  • Emissions from a NG home are 66% less than a home using electricity
  • Increased appeal to your company for showing value to the environment

Proven Success Stories

Case Studies

There’s a range of natural gas technology that can help you no matter if your property is a multifamily residence, new construction or an existing business. Read our proven success stories to discover how other successful business owners used technology to their benefit.
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Residential Builder
Whether you’re working on a single residential home or an entire neighborhood, we have the success stories to guide you into your next construction project. From pre-piping to outdoor living spaces, we can help.
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Multifamily Builder
DTE Energy wants to work with you to ensure a greater ROI for your multifamily property. Understand how natural gas is the preferred choice by tenants and can significantly increase the value of your next project.
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